Isaacs Picture Conclusions




Well…. I watched this movie the other day and didn’t really care much for it. I’m sure it’s loved and respected and someone’s favorite movie but i was rather bored the entire time and thought it was too loud and didn’t really care for the thing. Sure, whatsherface is hot but…. You know what, I don’t even feel like writing about this so let’s go see if we can find some dirty pictures of her on the internet….

There’s this:REPULSE2



I’m not sure what’s going on here but it will work –REPULSE5

I’m not sure where I found this thing… or what’s going on…..REPULSE7

Here’s a picture of someone getting inspected for termites….REPULSE8


I’m not sure where I found this either…REPULSE10

Here’s Milla Jovavich not wearing much…REPULSE11

Here’s a picture of my new girlfriend, Marley Shelton:


Here’s a picture I took of Eva Green on my piano:


Here’s a snapshot of Green having a post piano smoke:REPULSE13

You know, what? Here’s one for BRIANΒ and let’s call it a day:REPULSE14


In other news, the laziest man on the planet finally posted a review of mine on our new site Talking Horror. I wrote about it HERE a while back, but I fancied it up, aded some commas, checked my spelling and posted it HERE. I also added a brand new graphic that will blow your mind!! Literally!! Only look if you want your mind to be blown into a gazillion pieces! BUT!! Free Parking!!!


  1. The pics of Deneuve getting whipped is from Belle Du Jour. I can fully understand why you didn’t care for Repulsion, but I found it to be quite the creepy little flick that puts you inside the mind of a deranged woman. That is why i love movies like Black Swan, May and Blue Jasmine or I have a fetish for psychopathic ladies. Wait don’t answer that

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    • theipc

      Belle Du Jour, eh??? I might have to go queue that up. You know – for posterity.

      May is one of my favorite movies!

      And we all know you lik- well. Never mind.


  2. Such a classic film. Polanski is a creep but I really liked this. The bit where the hands come out of the walls was freaky and weird but evocative of something or other. Meanwhile Catherine Deneuve was a stone cold fox back in the day so at least there’s that!

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