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HB1I figure I am probably going to gush like a horny teenager here but this really is one of my favorite movies of the year. COHERENCE would have to be my serious-movie fave, DEAD SNOW: RED v DEAD my favorite blood-splattered-zombie-death-and-destruction film and this my favorite horror-comedy-fucking-awesome movie of the year. I’m going to keep this as spoiler free as possible because I encourage you to watch this as soon as you can but I was hooked from the first few minutes when this guy is smashing an ATM with a sledge hammer and it recoils and pops him in the head. I didn’t expect that for one second and it took me by surprise and I was in love.HB2

Subsequently, a good looking, consistently scowling lady named Morgana O’Reilly playing Kylie – out anti social anti hero – gets sentenced to house arrest with her batty mom and her step father (or live in boyfriend {I missed that}). Oh, and a wonderfully bump-in-the-night-y, tattered-bedsheet-y ghost. Or is there one? I absolutely loved it when Kylie is down in the basement and SOMETHING grabs her ankle, setting off a Perimeter Breech Alert, then, when the security guard shows up, he’s fucking ready for action to deal with the paranormal!! LOL. I LOVED Amos. And, since this is from New Zealand, it’s AmOs.HB5

AmOs is fucking hilarious. There’s this one bit that I’m still cracking up at. He’s hiding from this one dude and Kylie is running away from the same guy and he wants to call her to warn her that the guy has a gun and after he dials, he gets a message that there’s a toll charge and he gripes, in the middle of this all: “Fifty fucking cents???!” Geez – there’s so much I want to say about this but I don’t want to spoil anything. Here’s another quote that I don’t want to say who it’s by: “Just browsing? How about you give me your address and I’ll come over and go through your things and we’ll see how you feel about it.”HB3

The scene depicted in the still below is an absolutely classic for me but I don’t want to give it away… it’s relatively early in the movie….HB4

Or how about this fucker:HB6

A few years ago Mrs IPC and I and a couple of friends drove down to the bottom of the country I live in and went to some different things. One night we went out to eat at this ritzy fucking restaurant and I got this filet that was one of the best pieces of meat I’ve ever eaten and it was paired with the tastiest sauce accompaniment that I have ever tasted and when I was done I said “Thank you, food” and asked the waiter to tell the chef “Thank you.” He did and I said “Thank you” again to my empty plate and we left but the whole fucking point of that is to say that to the people who made this: THANK YOU! This was fucking FANTASTIC!! I’m going to watch this movie a LOT.


It only takes the small things. It always brings them back.


  1. Dearest and Most Beloved Chop,

    Hell yeah!! This was a real goodie. I had an absolute blast watching it, definitely will be going back to it. I am so glad you enjoyed it so much.

    Plus, EUGENE. I just want to say it because ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤




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  2. With the exception of “The Babadook,” I was going to take a break from horror for a couple of weeks, since I watched nothing but those sort of films and television shows during the month of October. Too many bloggers, whose work I like and respect, have been giving “The Babadook” such positive reviews, that I feel compelled to go see it.

    Your enthusiasm for this film, however, is making me add one more must see horror movie to my list. How can I not see it after such a glowing recommendation from you? Thank you for sharing.

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