Isaacs Picture Conclusions




I know this post is very similar to a post from last week – in my defense, I’ve been busy as fuck and haven’t been able to sit down to do some quality writing my bullshit… so….

It took me a while to get to this thing but, eventually it was available for rent and I got to watch it and I really liked it. I think i liked it more for the sly comedy in there than for the action or the sci-fi. I think the story was a little stretchy even for science fiction but this was pretty good, overall. I’ve been sitting on this for a while now and can’t think of anything to really write about it so, if you want to see a good review of it, you should probably look HERE. So, as The Faithful and Most Beloved knows, sometimes when I get writer’s block my mind starts to wander and….
EDGE2…it goes looking for tasty pictures of yummy movie stars and….EDGE3…. their various curvatures and angles and….EDGE4

…because google is what it is it leads it to another Emily and….EDGE5

…things like this pop up and that leads to things like….EDGE6

…which leads it further along the path to things like….EDGE7

… this and then things like….EDGE8

…. it then is completely distracted and ends up calling it a day.EDGE9

And, as always, here’s one for Brian.EDGE10


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