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I like how Mrs. The IPC wanted to watch this so I figured she’d turn it on and I would mess around on Twitter or play games on my iPad while she gave it a look and I actually quite liked this movie. I don’t know shit about anything surrounding this movie aside from the fairy tale I read when I was a kid but I thought the guy from ELYSIUM was totally not the right guy for that part. I didn’t really care for those cheekbones either but what the fuck do I know? I also like how I have two movies in a row coming out that feature Juno Temple and people with horns coming out of their heads.


On another note, since reblogs fuck with my theme I pay for – if you’re not familiar with FILMNERD’s blog – and missed this post – you HAVE to look at the video link she has on THIS POST. Now THAT is an IPC Classic! (It’s only about three minutes long).



  1. Dearest EPSC,

    Gotta say, I didn’t like Copley in here, either. Not that he is a bad actor or anything, it just really didn’t work here. I also ended up liking this more than I thought I would… who the hell knew??



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      • Oh no sorry to hear that 😦 there’s lots of bugs going round here as well. Hope you’re over it all now 🙂

        I DID GET IT TO WORK!!!!

        It was brilliant 🙂 bless Shia. I know he’s a nutter but still, bless him. Proves he can take a joke without even headbutting anyone. Even without him being at the end of the video it would have been funny, but that was just the icing on the cake!

        He’s a good guy deep down I’m sure. He was a good child actor. he just needs to stop pulling out teeth and stealing lines from Eric Cantona 🙂

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      • I knew he liked punching people and being a pretentious method actor, but nope – the sense of humour thing was nice to see!

        Do you remember him in Even Stevens though? He was a good kid actor, he had comic timing and everything, he took it seriously. But now he’s taking things toooooo seriously.

        But that video is great. My brother will love it as well 🙂

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      • Yes, Holes!! That was a brilliant kids film actually, very strange. “I can fix that” (can’t believe my memory sometimes, I forget literally what I’m saying half way through a sentence and then can remember a line from a film I watched 8 years ago)

        Ahhhh I can sense I’m more #teamshia than Eric is..!!! Yeah he is a douche, granted. But I’m shallow. And he is really physically attractive. And seeing him in that video makes me think…ahhh just a misunderstood nice guy! (even though his clapping was slightly pretentious)

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      • P.S ACTUALLY I did just remember that paper bag he put on his head saying I’m Not Famous Anymore.

        I might retract some of the last statement…….


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  2. A review so half-assed you spelt the name of the film wrong in the title. Might even classify as quarter-assed. Haha.

    Can’t wait for your Horns review tomorrow. I have no idea what it is about or anything, so my interest is peaked.

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    • theipc

      Thanks Soulie!

      There is a cool dragon in this – late in the movie – it was actually my favorite part and kind of what tipped me into even putting something out about this…


  3. Now does this come up when you google cutaneous horns? Oh no I clicked on that video! Shia LaBeouf he’s so annoying, sometimes I don’t mind him and other times, there is something about him that is so damn pretentious, it’s almost like he is the living version of your Noooovember movie.

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