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I don’t know if I would actually call this a “recommendation” of sorts but I saw a post about this movie over at our friend FILMNERD’s blog and I was totally interested, having never even heard of it before. I like Kate Bosworth in what I’ve seen her in and Lake Bell is very easy on the eyes:


SO I gave it a watch and I really liked it. I think I liked it so much because it was believable. These three chicks:BLACKROCK2

go off to a remote island for some R and R. They bicker and shit but it seems real and soon they run into:

three dudes who, I didn’t think, had any untoward plans for forced sex. The first night there, they all do some drinking and smoking and one of the ladies gets flirty with this one dude whose brother they went to high school with. They head up the hill to Make It a little and then he gets all horny and wants to put his Donkey in her and make The Sex but she doesn’t want to to do that so he forces himself on her a little and she accidentally kills him. When his Iraqi war buddies find this out they’re not too happy about this and the next day the ladies wake up like this:BLACKROCK4

Everyone does a lot of screaming and the chicks get free and then there’s a lot of chasing and fighting and shooting and stabbing. I really liked how this ended and I can’t really complain about this, really. I don’t know why this has such a low score on IMDB (even though I NEVER trust that shit) or why this person had this to say: Poorly written, horrendous dialog, and an overall lack of suspense makes for the worst film of 2013 so far 16 May 2013 | by trublu215 (United States)


I actually thought the dialogue was pretty good even though it was written by mumblecore master Mark Duplass who I really can’t fucking stand. Oh well. It’s always good to see something where chicks fight back and aren’t – well – just – ahem – pussies. I liked it. Strong film.


  1. Hell yeah strong lady characters!! World needs more of those, brother.

    *fist bump*

    Sounds like this one might be worth a shot! But now that I’ve tackled The Babadook, I’m gonna give priority to Housebound. 🙂

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