Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Here’s a repost of an oldie I did a long time ago – happy birthday to me!! WHEEEEEEEE!!

I don’t know why I have never seen this before… is it the poster there?? I mean, that’s not very appealing to me. Neither is this one:

BUT!! I say BUT!! This was pretty good! I can’t believe I have missed out on this for 30 years. I don’t know what was going on in Canada back in 1981 but this movie has a “big budget” feel to it from the opening scene util the WTF awesome ending, has some good acting (what are you doing in here Glenn Ford??), has some pretty creative kills, a couple of serious blood moments (brain surgery, hellooooooooooo) and is all around just, generally, pretty good.  I bet you’ve seen all of the cast in something or other but our standouts here are Mary Ingalls Melissa Sue Anderson as the perplexed yet maybe crazy Ginny, Ford as her psychiatrist, a guy named Lawrence Dane as her dad, the character Ann is awesome and then there’s Matt Craven who I loved in Devil. I also thought the kills were surprisingly – well – good and bloody and – uh – I never like to see a man get a 25 pound weight dropped on his junk. Tiptoe away veeeeeerrryyyyy slowly from that scene…

It would be very difficult for me to write about this movie without giving away the HEY!! WHAT??!!! I, WHAT??? ending and I don’t want to do that because, if you are / were like me and haven’t seen it, I think yashould. I don’t think The Good and Wonderful Reader who looks here is expecting a write up of Little House on the Prairie or 3:10 to Yuma (WHAAAAAT is that a teaser??)  so if you’re in the mood for some slasher goodness that’s not Jason or Myers style – I would totally suggest this. Recommended sides: Beer and Nachos W/ Peppers.

One last thing – (slight spoiler) you may or may not be familiar with Glenn Ford, but he was kind of a big thing back in the 50s and such, so, if you remember him as an upstanding American icon of the silver screen, you may not want to see him meet his True Death in this.


  1. Lol!! How perfectly fitting that you had this handy to post on your b-day!! I passed on birthday wishes on your actual birthday, but I hope it was THE BEST!!!!!

    P.S. I think Miguel may have sacrificed a couple of hobos in your honor…and then mailed them to you. So. Yeah. You have that to look forward to.

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  2. #spankspank A 25 pound drop on someone’s junk now that is horrid. A true testicular nightmare of sorts. I bet that could even by the title of a horror flick. So I had to look it up when you mentioned Matt Craven, I was wondering if he is the same guy on this show I watch called Resurrection. And yes it is him, haha, you can rest assured now that this man is still out there working. Nothing Oscar/Emmy worthy, but nonetheless the man is getting paid!

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