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STARRY2I’m watching some football right now – after putting up XMAS lights in the freezing, cold Blue Northern winds of the United States’ plains – having a beer and thinking about how much I fucking don’t want to go to work tomorrow. A guy named Phil Simms just talked about Aaron Rodger’s “procession” when checking his Wide Receivers and I thought that might be an apt way to start off this post (P.S. I was also thinking about how I need a second Beard and Hair comb for my house… one for TV watchin’ in the living room and one for movie writin’ in the kitchen – yes, I’m that lazy). Anyway – here’s how I watch the things I do (for anyone who might care). I can have three DVDs in my old hands at any time from Netflix and that usually is how I plan my week. If those are getting sparse, I turn to iTunes for a rental and – since I’ve normally seen ALL of them that I care to pay for – it’s usually risky for me to pull the trigger. Over the weekends or my day off I can stream shit from home, so that’s an entirely different Logic Box of Decision Making but – one day I wound up with a broken DVD from Netflix so I rented something with an iffy title and questionable trailer – this thing calls STARRY EYES and…… I REALLY liked it.STARRY3

And it’s not like I finished it and I was all “Oh sweet fuck!! I fucking loved the fucking shit out of this!” I liked it and started looking at pics of it and then it was the weekend and I had some free time in my brain and – I really did like this movie. If I can think about it for even five minutes after it’s over – aside from thinking about what I’m going to write about – that’s impressive to me.STARRY4

If we go on like we’re film critics (which I sure fucking am NOT) we can think about this in three parts. If you decide to watch this because I loved it, you might find the first third kind of boring and tedious and your thoughts on how I might be slightly touched in the head could be bolstered up like a set of Spankx but we’ll try and stay on track and get back to that later. The second third of this movie is absolutely fan-fucking-tastic and – you’ve probably never heard of the lead – Alex Essoe – but I bet we see her hanging around for a long time… I hope she stays in horror


To the filmmakers who will never look at this – this sequence is fucking balls out awesome!!! I wish I had this on DVD to make a GIF…..:


But I don’t because I watched this on iTunes so I can’t make one but I hope you watch it and give it a look. The last act in this movie is kind of long but I don’t think you’d be disappointed. It makes sense to me and I love how the actual ending-ending turned out. I also love how there’s an actress in here from a TV show that I love – an actress MRS IPC doesn’t care for (because of the TV show). Her name is Amanda Fuller and when she first popped up in this I was all “HEY!!!” There’s a pretty awesome sequence with her and Essoe in their apartment kitchen that’s pretty killer (#period) and then I loved how they ended this up. After the second and third parts, think back on the first and it won’t be so bad. If you think about giving this a shot – here’s one last hash:





  1. Mr. IPC, who did you want to win the game between The Packers and The Patriots, that is, if you even cared about the outcome. I am still disappointed at the pitiful loss suffered by my beloved New York Jets this past Monday evening. I have gotten nothing but heartbreak from that team for the past couple of years.

    I never heard of this particular film before I read your blog. I will definitely give it a watch at some point.

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    • theipc


      I’m a Packers guy – I have been all my life. When I was a kid my idol was Robin Yount (The Milwaukee Brewers if you’re not familiar) so I got in love with the pack to support Milwaukee : )

      The Jets have had it rough lately…. but they’re still better than my fantasy football team…. STINK!!

      I hope you like it! It gets pretty gruesome in the middle…

      THANK YOU for reading!

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  2. Logic Box of Decision Making – You should graph that or make something that tells us how you make your decisions in life. I think we all need some Eric advice. If only you had a “Dear Eric” column, I bet so many people would write you with questions and ask for your advice. Part of my logic is when you write a post and I am intrigued, I search for more pictures and look on IMBD and then I think ahhh I can see why Eric would like that movie. Anyways I just totally rambled! 🙂

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