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The other day I took a shower, put on some pants and did some writing for Natasha’s Marvelous Mondays Marathon. Have you ever been concerned about the Marvel movie MAN-THING that was made well before Marvel hit it big with their own studios??? Well – if you were curious what Stan Lee and his sluts were whoring themselves out to other studious before they got rich, click the poster above to investigate what Lionsgate had to do with Man-Thing. WARNING – there’s some butt jiggling in that post…. but not this… this is an IPC special.



  1. nicolenevermind76

    MAN-THING! Ah-haha! So many dick jokes to be made… SO MANY! I may need to watch the movie purely for that opportunity. (I will go check out the reviews though, once I get finished being mesmerized by bouncing boobies…)

    Liked by 1 person

    • theipc


      This movie is awful stupid – be careful!

      Those boobs are pretty good – it’s hard to step away from those things…

      Miss you!


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