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Here we are again….. I had a lot of fun with the first two Expendables movies. They were loud and stupid and tons of shit blew up and there was lots of blood and mayhem. When I found out they pussied it up and made this PG-13 I was really disappointed but we gave it a shot anyway. This starts off ridiculous and just gets worse and then they get rid of the old team for some stupid reason and bring in a bunch of twenty somethings. I got bored with all of that pretty quick and paused the thing. When I went back to finish it a couple of days later my rental had expired and I was all “fuck it” – kind of like what Stallone must have said while making this movie.

On March 5th of 2013, my friendย and I posted our own version of The Expendables 3. It’s a quick read and, I think, hysterical. I would only love it if the Newer Most Beloveds would give it a look. You can check it out HERE.

Speed 2 was TERRIBLE.

If you want to see what our man John Lincoln had to say about this movie for SHITFEST – check it out HERE.


  1. Dearest PSC,


    Yeah, still haven’t seen the first two, either. Meh. Not in too much of a hurry.

    Luke finally put up his drunk quiz. At least you will have something to watch this morning ๐Ÿ˜›



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  2. I’m getting all kinds of love this week. I dig it.
    On E3: I remember hearing Bruce Willis wanted millions and Sly said no so Bruce said he wouldn’t do it. I remember thinking that Willis was being stupid.
    But now it makes sense. He probably read the script said “Oh hell no! If you want me to do this piece of crap you need to pay me a loooooooot of money.”

    The smartest guy is the guy who talked his way out of being in it.

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  3. Just watched Speed 1 on cable last week… we have a dvd copy of it, and you bet, I can watch it over and over again. Not to mention Keanu Reeves is in it. He’s my BF in my dreams. ( don’t judge me ) Sandra Bullock is also one of my favs. ( I loved her in While You Were Sleeping, ) Win-win. But Speed 2……. Sandra, why ?

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  4. I think I preferred the third Expendables film to the first two. The final action set piece — as well as the truck chase at the beginning — is actually pretty good compared to anything in 1 & 2, even with an absence of blood. The dialogue still really sucks though. The humour feels really forced, and just plain weird at times.


    • theipc

      Shite even??? : )

      Sounds like I do need to finish it – hey – in case you missed it, you need to check out my Soulmate post – at least the bottom of it –


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