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I REEEEEEEEEEALLY liked this movie and I REEEEEEEEEAAAAALLLLY liked the trailer. That song over the trailer is perfect for something like this. It’s Country (which I don’t like, as a rule) but something about it just really clicked for me. I’ll try and remember to attach it to this post at the end. I love when I come across things like this – and it’s not just because it’s independent – I like it because these guys made a very solid product – independently and they made the movie they wanted to make and, I don’t know, I just loved it. I think, maybe, it’s because this reminds me of my youth – like this could be something I did – without the killing. Remember when we were young and skinny??BTW3

Of course, now I’m 200 pounds of Pure USA Grade Beefcake, but I remember how lean I use to be. I also remember being able to stay up all night and getting a box of beer and going out into the country and doing mischief. Like that time we went into that old, abandoned house – the one with the strangely new-ish mattress that was in the old, scary house because I’m sure the rats slept on it. Remember when you hoisted me into the attic and I turned my head around scanning the room with that flashlight and – just like in the movies – I swiveled and came across HUNDREDS of eyes glowing back at me?? Remember how we all ran screaming out of that mother fucker and tore off onto those dirt roads and got stuck in the mud?? We thought that they were demons or such and such but, after sober and sane reflection, I’m sure they were just possums.BTW2

Remember when we went into that abandoned hospital downtown and made it all the way to the fucking morgue at the bottom. Remember when we heard something creak and we went screaming out of that fucking thing faster than Jesse Owens??? Remember the Sieber Hotel and how we had to get into it by putting a 2×6 across two windows and “tightrope” across the buildings, 12 stories up?? I still have that keychain I found there. Or how about the old water Power Plant??? I almost died in that thing when I stepped through the corroded, metal walkway. Or Five Mile where the Satan worshippers gathered? Or that old suspension bridge??? Or that time we Peeping Tommed into some house and the guy came after us with a gun???


Anyway, that’s what this reminds me of – without the murder. Dangerous but fun good times from my youth. Now I’m old and my joints hurt and my eyes are bad – but, boy we tore the fuck up out of some shit! How about the time we went drinking until the bar closed and then decided to walk down the street naked with that one chick?? The cops got called and I was too drunk to hop that chain link fence because I didn’t want to rip my balls off so I stood in that fucking tree naked as a baby for two hours with insects crawling all over me…. that wasn’t very fun but now it is, thinking about it.BTW5I guess I didn’t say a thing about the movie so here’s he IMDB blurb: Three Texas teens hope to make a break for it and escape their dead-end existence in a cotton-mill town but get sucked into the seedy underbelly of organized crime when one of them steals from the wrong man.

I think, if you watch the trailer you’ll know if you want to watch it or not. I LOVED it! GREAT JOB, TEAM!!

Here’s the trailer:

P.S. If any filmmakers from this ever look here, I LOVED the sequence when they are plotting out the heist. Excellent!



  1. Tom

    “What the f**k you kids doing on my f**king lawn, eh?! Eh!”

    I can only remember half the damn quote from that cartoon. But that was in my head the entire time I was reading this. Nice retrospective. And this movie sounds interesting. I like a good solid indie film.

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  2. Sounds like Eric got up to some shenanigans! Reminds me of the time myself and some friends found this abandoned paper mill in the middle of a park in a well-to-do suburb and decided to get to the highest room inside to see what the view was like from the window, and we had to walk across a tightrope-type wooden plank structure too that was at least two storeys high. On the way back down one of the wooden planks fell off just as we made it to the ground floor. Youths!

    Oh yeah, plus this film looks interesting. Good times.

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  3. Bahaha so THAT’S what it was like to grow up with Eric Isaacs. How magical. I feel like you’re only missing a cow tipping story. Lol. Glad to hear you liked this one so much, buddy! Sounds like a winner! 🙂

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    • theipc

      LOL – here’s my cow tipping story –

      One night during high school, we all got beer from this joint on 23rd – the chinaman who didn’t care how old we were – and we went out into the countryside pounding Mickey’s Big Mouths. I don’t know if they still make those or not but – intent on doing some cow tipping, we drove around for about an hour until we found a herd by the fence, close to the street. We slowly, drunkenly, climbed over the fence and ran at the cow(s) and when they heard us running at them, they all ran off and we stepped in cow shit. Who knew cows were so fucking fast???


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  4. Ohh I want to see this… looks cool and hey Jacob from Lost is in it. I think that is Jacob. Good job homeboy! I am so glad you didn’t jump over that fence naked. I love when you recount your youth for us. Now what kind of stories do you have? I need an updated version.

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