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About four months ago, Cinema Parrot Disco won a contest out here during SHITFEST: SUMMER and, being the victor, she won the prize of getting to make Rob and I watch five movies each. She made us wait by the phone for three fucking months before she finally announced them and one day I found this loitering on Netflix so I gave it a whirl.  I’ve been sitting on this for almost three weeks trying to figure out how to write about it – because it’s really fucking weird (but good) – and I finally decided to quit dodging the issue and just go for it, somehow or other. This is a movie by David Cronenberg – the man who I’ve never really been a Boner for Croner fan so I knew it was going to be a little OFF – but not that fucking weird.BROOD3

This starts off very strangely with Oliver Reed giving some sort of therapy session to some half clothed dude – who’s covered in pustules – screaming at him and calling him a little girl. Later – a man picks up his own little girl and takes her home and, while he’s giving her a bath, notices that she’s covered in bruises. He rages back to Reed’s compound where his ex-wife is also a patient and blames her for beating on his kid. Reed refutes this so he heads off and then shit gets weird. Apparently Reed’s standard Medical Practice is something called “Psychoplasmics” and it helps you get rid of your inner demons…. but ….. it also makes things grow on the outside of your body…… and, just when I thought I wouldn’t ever see anything more disturbing than the opening ten minutes of PROXY, I saw…..BROOD2THIS:

And then I saw THIS:BROOD5


And then there were little, deformed kids running around killing people. I’m so upset I might just not ever recover. No one will remember when I watched and wrote about DEVIL TIMES FIVE but, looking at the comment section, two people reference THE BROOD in the comments. And one of those people is none other than Cinema Parrot Disco!! How about that? If I had to compare the two movies I would say that this one is definitely the BETTER film, but I think Dx5 is more FUN.


On a side note – look for something very special plugged in the bottom of tomorrow’s post!


  1. I watched this a while ago and really, erm, liked it(?). I don’t think like is the right word, but yeah, I thought it was good and fucking mental and what the actual fucking fuck was that all about??? Plus I love Oliver Reed.

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