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You know – this is the kind of movie for me: independent, no one knows about it but me, two dudes making a movie that they want to make, a couple of boobs, some chicks slinking around in their underwear, practical effects, some comedy. But, for some reason, I just didn’t like this one as much as I wish I did — and I feel bad. These guys obviously made the movie thy wanted to make and it looks like they had a lot of fun with it but, I don’t know, something just didn’t work for me and I feel bad that I didn’t like it very much. You know, like when of your friends works really hard to make a nice dinner and you go over there and the food’s not very good but you say it is anyway and then when you leave you’re all “that was not good” on the way home…. Well, this site is about honesty and honestly, this just didn’t really work out for me. Sorry, guys.CABIN2

In this thing, two guys are trying to write a movie. This started off on the wrong foot, I believe, because I couldn’t stand one of the leads. He was completely obnoxious and loud and talked WAY TOO MUCH and he was just totally off putting. I don’t care much for obnoxious and loud and blabbing constantly. Give me silence. Anyway, they can’t write the movie or pay the rent because Obnoxious guy spent all of their money on pizza so they decide to go to this resort to meditate and write but they can’t because they don’t have any money but SURPRISE they really do because he didn’t spend it all on pizza after all. He was just pulling the other guy’s leg. AWWWWWWWW SNAP!CABIN3

At the resort are three hotties, a dude you’ll hate, the flamboyant yet resolved owner of the joint and the creepy caretaker who you just know is killing everyone but maybe it’s someone else. There are moments in this that are very funny but there are also parts where they’re trying to be funny – and I’m sure it’s these guy’s sense of humor- but they just weren’t funny to me. Like – there’s this part where the guy below is caught in bed with a murdered girl. He’s stroking her hair and seemingly in love. “Hey!! This isn’t what it looks like!!” He screams and hops out of bed in his underwear. I can see how that type of thing will work for some people it just wasn’t my bag.CABIN4

When I rented this I wanted to come out here and be all happy like the guy above but, in the end I feel more like the guy below. I’m glad these guys made their movie and I wish them success but this one just didn’t do it for me. I can at least tell that they tried! In any case – it’s a fucking masterpiece compared to the movie I talked about yesterday. If you had to choose between the two, choose this without hesitation.CABIN5

On a happy note – this has a guy from THE SECRET VILLAGE in it. Remember that??? Anyone want to do that again? I know it’s the holidays but can I get a feel on who might want to participate? And yes, also a feel.


  1. I love that we can be apart for so long, but when I come back you’re still the same IPC as you were when we last connected. People still getting mutilated, funny comments still flowing like a fine wine… It’s awesome.

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      • Hi Buddy! I’m good, just totally swamped with life right now. I only have 44 days to go until my wedding so it’s been crazy.

        But I miss you! and I hope you’re all pumped up about Christmas this year. Got your gin and beef jerky ready for Santa when he waddles down the chimney?

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      • theipc

        I was just thinking about you the other day – out Top Secret post gets pretty regular hits these days and I was wondering how you were and how your wedding prep was progressing.

        I miss you too! Fuck – we all do!! Gin and beef jerky?? You know I only do Jagermeister!


  2. Stabbin’ cabin that’s the first thing I though when I saw that pic lol… sorry you did not like this one and really it sounded like an IPC movie from the start, a movie no one has ever seen a trailer for (like never), chicks in bras, people getting killed, but it didn’t work, on to the next one my friend!

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