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*In honor of the post I want to try and make for tomorrow – here’s my old thoughts on (REC) 3: GENESIS – SPOILER: I LOVED IT!*

I’m happy to report back that, after all of the wait for this entry into the series, this was totally worth it, completely bloody, very gory and pretty awesome! If you’re new around here or missed my thoughts on the first two they can be found here:


Let me start with a couple of things that I really liked about this.

1} A lot of this takes place during the day so we get full-on daylight blood and guts and rabid people / deranged angels getting sawed in half and eating other people.

2} They really amped up the practical blood and gore and since we can see it, it makes it that much more awesome.

3} After about twenty minutes they (finally) ditch the handheld camera crap, move to a static camera and it REALLY improves on the ability to tell the story – we don’t have to 100% rely on the “someone filming everything so the people will know what really happened here!!!” thing.

4} It has some humor which I thought was funny and worked real well – an asset that seems to have pissed off everyone that comments on IMDB.

5} I got introduced to this person (Leticia Dolera) who I hope makes a ton more movies (that I would watch):

She is totally good looking and stole the show as the chainsaw wielding bride. If you had time to read my valuable words on the first two movies, you would realize that I fully liked the first one (and so did a lot of people) and the second one was even better but it was basically the same exact story as the first but from a different perspective. I liked how they moved away from the apartment building and set the story somewhere else but incorporated little bits (very little bits) about the first two – such as the uncle remarking that he got bit by a dog at the clinic earlier or when we see the rabid people in the mirror they are those creepy deformed and horrible angels from the second or – what I thought was really cool, at one point our main man Koldo (Diego Martín) is surveying the video camera footage and in the background, on the TV, is the actual news broadcast of the reporter in front of the apartment that started off the action in the first one. Very clever, amigos.

This time around Koldo and Clara are all set to get hitched and they are having a lavish wedding when someone’s uncle shows up with his hand in bandages (mentioned above). Things are all happy and lovely and they get their married on and have a reception and suddenly the uncle starts barfing up blood and, well, you know where this is going. Before too long the infected outnumber those that aren’t and it’s super bloody and super awesome and Dolera is smokin’ hot and does some ass kicking on all of these bastards that are ruining her special day.

Mom, please don’t eat me. Please? Mom? Please?  Well SHIT!

So, this is called Genesis and it kind of carries forward the religious theme of the second. When it all starts hitting the fan, the priest there explains to them about “angels who rebelled against the lord way back when so he kept them locked up in a dark room with no doors or windows (or something) and they weren’t to be released until the end of times (or something) so this is The Genesis of the Apocalypse (or something)”. The last : ( movie of this series is set to come out next year (according to some interview I read somewhere) and it’s titled “(REC) 4: Apocalypse”. I hope it’s as good as these other three because these bastards were pretty awesome. I would totally advise catching all three of these.


  1. Ahhhhh, I am soooo behind on movies!! I have this and 2 in my queue and haven’t been able to watch yet. Why do I have to do that annoying work thing all the time???? Oh yeah…money. 😉 Excellent review, makes me want to cancel everything tomorrow and watch movies all day!


    • theipc

      You SHOULD!! Come on!! We haven’t seen anything on CS for way too long. Way too long! This movie was real fun for me but like our friend Tyson said, it’s not for “REC Purists”. I liked it. I really liked it actually : ) What’s going on with BBBC?


      • What? There was something Friday! And I’m posting today! Lol, I missed a day I know…I suppose I’ll need to watch the second before I can decide whether I’m a “REC Purist”. I am watching BBBC today!!! I have lots of work and am watching movies all day long!


      • theipc

        : ) three days with no CS is about as bad as this heat wave we’re all suffering through here where I live : ) On IMDB those “REC purists” are pretty fired up about 3 lol. What’s the big deal? I thought it was good fun. Silly purists. I am trying to be SOOOOO patient about BBBC. Trying so hard… : (


      • Aww, well I just posted so go check it out. 😉 And thanks. 🙂 Wow, I’ll go read after I watch. I tend to stay away from message boards because I just can’t stand the insanity but that sounds like it’s gonna be hella fun to see! 😉 I promise, promise, pinky promise I am watching today. I will write my review of it for tomorrow’s post!


  2. You know, when we joke that we disagree a lot, this movie sums it up well. Aside from being the first person I have seen like this movie, its like we watched something very different from each other! And thats why peoples reviews and opinions are great 🙂

    If this was a stand alone movie it would of been good cheesy fun. But it was meant to be set in the REC universe and it just failed to me. Corny, stupid attempts at humour, no scares……I’ll save the rest of my rant for my review later this week. Great to see you liked it though buddy, but I’ll wait for part 4 from the other director who promises to go back to the story and pick up from REC 2.

    Oh, and the girl is in a British TV show called ‘Mad Dogs’. Not a great show (season 1 was, she is in season 2) but she looks better (if thats possible) in that 🙂


    • theipc

      I getcha. When I was looking at this (I can’t sit still for two hours) I was thinking – holy crap this is good fun – and went to IMDB to see who in the world this actress was and I saw the low rating and I thought WHAT? So I started checking out the comments and reviews and realized a lot – if not most – people really don’t like this. But – I did. I liked it a lot actually. I guess you read why : ) I would also like a lot more of this actress : ) !!


      • Im not a purist 🙂 I watched all 3 back to back and this one didnt ‘fit’. Im glad you enjoyed it, and if it was a separate film then I would of laughed at the sillyness, but its not and so I have to consider it and rate it as part of the franchise, and it just sucked in comparison, I dont mind what people on the IMDB forums say, cant please everyone, but its all about our opinions and not saying one is right or wrong, so its cool (as normal) to have a different view then you. This project we have going with us two will be fun if i ever get chance to watch the bloody thing 🙂


    • theipc

      Maybe I am just weird, because I really like it. Do you read Head in a Vice? We’re getting ready to have a big face off about this movie. Should be fun!


      • I would of linked my review but I dont want to spam Erics site! I was much harsher on it as I really didnt like it…….Look forward to your review of it Film Hipster 🙂 Yeah The Face Off on it will be soon I hope but not that soon. Eric knows how slow I am 🙂


      • theipc

        I get a ton of spam from Pinterest where I have never put anything of mine…

        Film Hipster – Tyson has hyped up the next Face Off but he spends so much time looking at himself with a hand mirror and whipping his hair around that it probably won’t be out this year : ) Love!!!

        Oh – and he and his wife spend most of their time together rolling around in the piles of money I have helped him make : )


  3. Are you getting a percentage on sales for these films or something dude? After I read your reviews yesterday I wikipedia’d them to see what the plots and ratings were and it said this one was critically mauled. I thought to myself “I’ll look forward to seeing if it shatters his illusion about the the films in general” – obviously didn’t!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • theipc

      LOL NOPE – I just call em like I see em. I wish I made money off of this shit.

      I know a lot of people hated it – in fact, most people, but I don’t see what there wasn’t to like about it. I think it was derided so much because they went to a static camera and threw in some humor. What can I say? I loved it.


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