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*In honor of my posting old posts for the last two days, here’s a new one!*


I’ve gone on record before stating that I don’t really care if a movie is a sequel or prequel or remake or reboot or whatever as long as it’s GOOD. I also don’t know why people are so hard on the (REC) sequels because I think they’re all very good. Despite the amount of hate I got from liking the third one – this finally came out and I totally liked it too. It’s shot well, they ditch the found footage bullshit, the acting is good, it’s gory, it’s funny in parts and it works the other movies into it’s story. I don’t know what’s not to like about this aside from a couple of plot holes but whatever! I liked it! I wish this wasn’t the end of the series…. : (rec4b

This one starts off giving us some more footage from the scenes of the first one – showing us how Angela got out of that god damned building and finding her and her rescuers waking up on a boat out in the middle of the ocean – “total isolation” some doctor says. While Angela and the cops walk around trying to figure out what’s going on and where the hell they are, the nerdy tech guy is rebuilding her video tape from the first (REC) and we are reminded that the ghosty woman thing from the first deposited a giant worm into her mouth.rec4d

Soon enough, something gets loose (the BIG plothole) and everyone is turning into the rabid bastards that have inhabited this series. Will anyone survive?? Will those scientists develop the antidote in time?? Will they pull whatever is in her stomach out??? Will the beefcake cop save the day??? Will the old lady find her way home???? Will people make fun of me for liking this one too????? Will Cara hide in a dead body to evade capture?????? You can find the answer to these burning questions inside the halls of (REC) 4: Apocalypse!rec4c

I don’t know what else to say – I liked it loads and am sad this is the end of the franchise, at least for now.  You know what I don’t like?? The people where I work who are in a union – their contracts are up in March and there’s always the potential they go on strike. If they do I have to travel to another state, here in the U.S. and work twelve hours a day six days a week to cover their work. Hopefully that doesn’t happen but – for “Contingency Planning” I have to take a series of trainings on LAND LINE telephones….. UGH. Hello 1954. Wish me luck, this first one is a ball busting four hours long…. rec4e


  1. Dearest Chop,

    Don’t talk to me about strikes… meh.

    However, I really hope that they don’t do that so that you don’t have to work like a slave. Another great review, too.

    Happy Thursday!



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  2. Hi! I don’t know why I didn’t keep up with this series, because the first one was definitely one of the top 20 horror movies of the 21st century so far, and possibly the fourth best horror mockumentary ever, and also LOL @ “rabid bastards.”

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    …Anyway, nice idea, buddy!!! Glad you decided to take on this series. I’ve always thought the sequels seemed a bit shit, but you may have convinced me to give the next one a shot… 🙂

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  4. nicolenevermind76

    I love the REC series! They’re a good time with a few good scares, some blood, some creepy and some nice boobs, which is really all I ask of a horror movie. To do all those things, and not suck.

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    • theipc


      Oh how I do love when you drop by!!!!

      YEP YEP YEP!!! These movies were all put together very well and don’t suck!!

      Miss you!!


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