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Happy weekend!! Or almost weekend!!! I just gave this a watch and though I would put a little something out in case you’re looking for something to rent this weekend ~ I had a lot of fun with this… but of course – this IS my type of movie. Two chicks are getting revenge on their sorority sisters for some crime told in flashback style. This has lots of girls slinking around in their underwear, lots of practical special effects and it looks like they all had a good time putting it together. It’s very bloody, has a cool score and I was introduced to an actress named Kimberly Sue-Murray that I just loved smooch smooch smooch. I’ll try and put something better together soon but thought I would share this before my readers stopped fucking around at work and went on to their weekends. Give it a look!

Also – check out my TGOGTSBPOOBO page if you haven’t before – I totally need to add this to it!





  1. I had a lot of fun with this one too! The two leads are what really brought this one to life I thought. Too bad they couldn’t have snuck out a Halloween release for it, though.

    PS: Don’t you hate how the other wordpressers disappear on the weekends. It’s like they have a life or something. Losers. #whatdoesthesunlooklike

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