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I REALLY liked this movie. I really liked it a LOT. The team behind this have made a couple of movie that would probably land in my top 25 – this and YOU’RE NEXT. Does anyone remember when I used to do those interviews? You should help me out on Twitter to get the director – Adam Wingard to sit down with me. He seems like he would have a good sense of humor and have a laugh at some poop questions. Anyway – this movie was super fun, bloody, funny, well shot, used practical effects and was all around a good fucking blast! I’ll watch this a LOT in my life. Shit – I might even buy it… Since it’s 2015 now, I’ll say that this is the best movie I’ve seen in 2015 so far – for reals – watch this and have fun.theguest2

This good looking fellow shows up at some house somewhere claiming to be the army buddy of the resident’s killed-in-action son. He’s charming and smooth and wins over the mother and father and other-son of the household (FYI – I’ve misspelled “and” like, five times already) but doesn’t seem to be on the good graces with the comely daughter:



@ JB: #ForScience :


So – he smooth talks his way here and there and this movie was going OK and then he and the kid brother go to a bar to confront some high school bullies and this thing starts kicking serious ass. They introduce some wicked fucking music, there’s a wicked fucking bar brawl and everything just gets more and more badass from there. Seriously, with the build up of the music and the action in that bar – I was really loving it and it never let me down after that – all the way to the very last scene and line of dialogue – I LOVED how this ended. This won’t spoil anything but #WhatTHEFuck that’s one of the best endings since ALL CHEERLEADERS DIEtheguest3b

Speaking of cheerleaders:



I love the part where the daughter makes a call to the army to ask about who this guy might be. She says his name and almost everything stops all the way to some war room somewhere where this guy stops everything and heads out to go capture Mr. Smooth calling in “ex-KGB, sharpshooters, anyone they can get their hands on”. That was a really fun sequence of events. The keen eye and fan might notice a shaven A.J. Bowen in there.


I thought this movie was excellent fun – up to and including the big high school Halloween maze finale. Good, good, good stuff! This is totally worth a rent or a buy – all the way, baby! I was talking to someone about a sequel and they didn’t think that would be necessary but I think, if the same guys did it – it could totally work. For another take on this fine piece of work, and some perviness, check out Zoe’s write up HERE.

*Applause*theguest5 GUEST2


  1. Dearest PSC,


    Have I mentioned Eva Green is freaking HOT?? Cause she is. Very. I can totally understand your research there.

    Hope you have a great Tuesday.



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  2. Nice review and I’m so glad you enjoyed this (I did too!)

    I treated myself to this on Friday and I’m so glad I did – awesome movie.

    So what do you reckon, it this a tongue-in-cheek movie as a lot of people think it is? I’m not sure. I think some scenes were way over the top (in a great way!) like the Halloween maze, that actually had me laughing out loud (maybe I’m sick?) when the black dude fell through the disco strips. The drama was INTENSE!

    I SO AGREE with Zoe btw……..David is crazily hot and sexy and dreamy and I love him soooooo much!

    In fact Zoe if you read this, did it make you giggle like a schoolgirl as well, when he came out of the shower and the music went into overdrive?!! (It did me!)

    Even my brother – who I watched it with – fell in love with him a bit.

    Oh and you know the little brother Luke? HOW MUCH did he look like Chloe Moretz?!! But a boy version obviously

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  3. jizzlesplurt

    This guy was a total nut job wasn’t he…good film, I liked it as well.
    I see you did your #research on this one. Most likely in the dark?


  4. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this flick. Can’t wait to get my hands (and eyes) on it. Watching ‘You’re Next’ just got me that much more excited; what an unexpectedly great flick!


  5. I have been seeing all kinds of good stuff about this all of the sudden! I’ma have to dig it up and give it a watch! Especially if its awesomeness is anywhere near You’re Next. Nice to see you found a 2015 favorite so soon, Giantess!!!

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