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Welcome to another edition of Luke Abbott Interprets – the post where Luke reviews a movie he has never seen solely based on images I provide! If you want to do some of these – just let me know in the comments or email me at!

One note about this film – my dad has ever gone to two movies with me in my life – the new Walking Tall with The Rock and something back when I was a kid that he made us walk out of. I have never remembered what it was but – being an uptight Baptist, I remember seeing some naked people and some blasphemous imagery and I remember him making us leave. After all of these years of wondering what it was – it was THIS!

Let’s see what Luke’s got…..


Another episode of Luke Abbott Interprets and if this movie is even close to the weirdness and eeriness of Bug (or at least my version of it), then we are in for a treat. The featured image for this one, Altered States, definitely suggests that I am going to be in for some mind-bending, psychological thrill-ride, hopefully with a slice of horror and boobs.


OK, I need a minute to just lean back and look at this picture, simply so I can register it. It looks like a diver has got lost and ended up in someone’s fishing bowl. Is this Finding Nemo, the live action version?


Aha, there is a ladder underneath the fish bowl. It looks like Nemo saw The Great Escape and decided to hatch a daring break-out.


Nemo’s owner doesn’t look best pleased. I am glad that this live action version brings up the psychological distress that the animation failed to touch upon. This woman’s life has just been destroyed by that selfish clownfish!


Oh no! The poor owner turns to Strip Yoga in her spiral of despair. From her positioning, I think she is going for the mermaid look, which could suggest that she is changing her personality and form, to win Nemo back. Did we just open up a debate about abusive relationships in this Finding Nemo reboot? Oh hell yeah!


Hang on two secs. I need a moment to… what?

Come on, Luke, this is Eric Isaac’s blog. You knew a seven eyed goat showing up was always a strong possibility.

Yeah. I guess so. Anyway, I am assuming this is taking us on what Nemo, the clownfish that walked out, is doing on his side of the narrative. Meeting up with demi-gods and vegetarian sharks. It is good that no matter how depressing the psychological side of the movie gets, we have a fun road trip sub-plot with goats and drug trips to entertain us as well.


Is this the part of the movie where the Anglerfish attacks Nemo? I am going to go with yes, because there is honestly no other explanation for what I am looking at right now!


Meanwhile back home, the abandoned fish-owner gets a new lover in the form of a caveman. I am assuming she was hoping for a Khal Drogo sort of situation, but I can’t see that happening.


The new boyfriend totally freaks out! Carnage, horror, mayhem! The Mermaid Naked Yoga Lady (on a side-note, that is Melissa Sanchez’s superhero name), is sent on a dash for survival. The horror cranks up to a maximum!


NO! He vaporised her! I didn’t see that ending coming. I thought there would be a happy ending right at the finish, but I guess the director wanted to highlight the issues of this social debate. When you’re a fish and you abandon your owner, it sends her down a rocky road that ends with her being vaporised.

Moral of the story: break up with your lover properly. Don’t have this on your conscience.


  1. LOL. Brilliant. How funny that both you and I should end up discussing Nemo this week, Luke! Clearly, we are on the same wavelength. Also, I cannot wait to see Melissa’s reaction to her new nickname…

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