Isaacs Picture Conclusions



Recently, I got a part time job working on an assignment for TV Superheroes over at CHANNEL: SUPERHERO. I was the first to admit to the owner of that site that I very rarely have time to watch NEW shows during the week so I wouldn’t be a good choice as an on the beat reporter, but I could pony myself up to watch some things on DVD at my leisure. He agreed and we spit in our hands and shook them – SO GROSS – and I volunteered to report on one of my childhood favorites – The Six Million Dollar Man. Today is my inaugural intro post and my shit will be coming out every Sunday around noon (U.S.). We would love it if you’d check out that site and give it a follow and what not. For those of you who keep up on today’s TV – there’s good stuff on all of your favorite modern TV as well as some shows from your childhood (like this) (unless you’re not old, like me). Click the link up there or click the poster to head to my post. There should be plenty of bell bottoms, moustaches and wide collars to go around!




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