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Recently, I sat down with my favorite Kidney and talked about the miserable Ghost Rider movie starring Nic Cage as a douchey stunt motorcycler who sometimes turns into a burning skeleton. It was awful and made me feel gross for watching it. If you’d like to see the full report, just click on that terrible poster above. Be warned – there’s some of this in that post:


      • I don’t know….. I don’t find him believable in the characters he had played so far…. foremost is him as a super hero ! ! ! Bwahahaha. Oh, my gosh. ( although he was fine in that movie where he got stuck in that hotel room and he couldn’t get out or somethin’. And I think he died he he. ) I mean, it seems there’s no character that fits him . In action films, his face is expressionless. Compare him to, let’s say, Brad Pitt. That guy is freakin’ good looking, but I forget his handsome face when he plays his character. Know what I mean ?

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