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Have you seen or heard of this? I never had and only watched it because Guy Pearce is in it. This movie was so fucking sad and depressing from the start that I almost turned it off a few times. This movie is about a missing daughter, mental illness and anguish that comes from not knowing what’s happened to your kid. It’s told in three depressing parts and it’s so sad you need to bring some tissues. It’s a very good movie, by the way, but – GOD DAMN – CRY CRY CRY. That actress that played the chick with the disorder should have won an academy award but The Academy never looks at things that aren’t pretentious pieces of shit.IHS5This place here is about having fun and talking shit and getting some laughs and getting loaded and getting our tits out so who wants to talk about some movie that makes you want to weep? So let’s shift gears from this crybaby shit and play a game! YAY!!!! Let’s go ahead and play a game called:

WHOSEHere’s the rules if anyone wants to play:

  • The first person to guess correctly will win a physical prize!
  • I don’t know what the prize is yet because I haven’t gone shopping for it yet, but it will be REAL and probably LIGHT if I have to ship it overseas…
  • Since I put these posts out in the morning, three hours before I even get out of bed,  for my international friends, my co-conspirator and great friend Zoe will moderate the answers in the morning (my morning anyway)
  • If someone guesses right, she’ll let you know and she’ll post the full picture and we’ll call it good
  • If anyone plays and no one has got it right, I’ll give some hints when I get around and throughout the day

I hope this is fun!! Here you go:


Here’s hint #1: She’s an American comedian

As an early morning update – the contest has been won by Justine over at JUSTBMOVIES!

It was none other than our own Kristen Wiig!


Thank you to those of you who played along! Shall we do this again sometime??


  1. Sounds like a depressing movie!

    GREAT quiz idea though! This is going to bug me all day.

    Kim Cattrall? Elizabeth Banks?

    The picture gives me an image in my head of who it could be, but I’m probably barking up the wrong tree!

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  2. Thanks for the clue!! I should have checked this page before yelling at you on twitter 🙂

    Still RACKing my brains though!

    (rack is a euphemism for boobs in the UK…in case anyone thought my caps lock button just clicked on. It didn’t okay? I was making a pun joke.)

    Liked by 2 people

    • theipc


      I actually have another plan in store for Whose Boobs where everyone can play – even those who don’t get to the post first thing in the morning!

      Whose Cock…. LOLOLOLOL


  3. Massive coincidence – I went to primary school with the younger sister of the girl who was murdered, and the younger sister of the murderer went to the same school so it was a pretty crazy situation. I’ve never seen that film before so I should probably watch it!

    Also I would have never been able to guess whose boobs those were, although they are a mighty fine set!

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