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the ipc double take featuring the sporadic chronicles of a beginner blogger: drive (2011)


Look at this!! A Double Take!!! This time with the lovely and talented Zoë from The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger!!!! YAY!!!!! These don’t happen very often but when they do – they’re a lot of fun!!! In this series, I and a friend take on The Classics. If you ever want to participate in one of these, just let me know and, if you wanted to read some fantastic writing by people other than me, you could check out all of the others HERE. There’s some good shit right there!!! Let’s see what we’ve got….

Zoë’s take:

drive poster

I have a horribly indecent obsession with this film. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched it since my first viewing last year because I lost count within a few months. I saw it, I bought it, and I watched the fuck out of it, over and over again because holy crapsticks, this movie is damn near perfect!

I gushed about it on my site, I submitted it over on Rob’s site for Genre Grandeur, I just cannot wax lyrical enough about this movie to ever drive the point home (heh heh heh).

driver driving

Let’s take a second to talk about what really drew me to this and could really have bombed: the relationship between Driver and Irene. I am not a romance fan, I don’t like it, and this movie could have flopped. Instead, we are introduced to a ridiculously mysterious unnamed driver who is incredibly good at what he does, and we know nothing about him. Soon, though, we meet Irene, and all we know is that she makes him like a schoolboy. The romance is what I consider to have been perfectly executed. It is such an integral part of the movie but it never becomes a romance film as a whole. Driver and Irene have this slow burn, chaste relationship, never actually overstepping any boundaries because Irene is married, but so in love you would be blind to miss it. The time she put her hand on his in the car? I sighed. It was so fulfilling.

driver happy

Then Standard Gabriel, her husband, returns, and Driver and Irene cannot be together the way that they were anymore. Which is all good and well, and initially Standard is introduced to us as a character we should dislike, but ultimately feel for because he wants to do right by his wife and kid this time.

driver i drive

The dialogue in this movie was so few and far between, but worked each and every time someone spoke. Because it was used so sparingly, it was all the more important to listen whenever someone did decide to say something. The entire cast was great, and I thought Carey Mulligan and Ryan Gosling worked particularly well together.

driver getting to know everyone

That soundtrack… fuck yeah. Which is insane because it is so far removed from my kind of music I should have technically hated it but goodness gracious, it just crawls under your skin and settles, lending so much to the movie because I don’t think any other soundtrack would have worked nearly as well as this one did. I mean wow. It tells a whole extra story, each track so deliberate and suiting. For instance, Desire’s Under Your Spell, that whole scene was a thing of beauty. Nothing needed to be said. The camera and the music told you everything you needed to know.

Refn directed this film boldly and precisely, and it works in every single shot you encounter throughout the run time of the film. The violence was stylised and vicious and unrelenting, but I do not understand the bitch session about how it was overly violent and that it detracted from the viewing experience. I can honestly say that it did not. The action in Drive was simply edge-of-your-seat awesome.

driver hammer

Then, oh my God, we cannot NOT talk about the kiss. The kiss that gives me goosebumps, no matter how many times I see it. The kiss that was the most beautiful thing ever, that just completed the cycle, that was so bittersweet and rewarding, because I waited an age for it to actually happen. The lighting, the music, the movement, the camera work, all of it. And I don’t give a fuck that there is a gunman there and the issues with logic that people bitch about, all I know is that to be kissed like that must be the most thrilling thing.

drive super kiss omg

And another one for further proof… #ForSciencedrive kiss

You won’t believe how fucking terrible the book is. When I read it, I could not wrap my mind around how someone read that and thought it would be great to bring to screen. Meh. Thank goodness they did though, because Drive is one of the most amazing things I have clapped eyes on. Not to mention Gosling is hot as fuck when he is walking around, being all mysterious, violent, and loyal. Hmmmm. Yes! 
driver drigingOki, I am going to end it here because there is no amount of praise I can go through that can justify how much I freaking love this movie. It just gets me. All the time. The pacing is wonderful, the story is great, and the performances really make Drive a phenomenal, stylistic gem. It is a must watch!


My Take:

First off, I’d like to remind everyone that SHITFEST 2015 starts Monday so batten down those hatches and stock up on Peppermint Schnapps because it’s going to get shitty up in here starting Monday!! Secondly – I thought I would say that I watched this a few years back and totally loved it – and reflect on how movies don’t normally get BETTER with repeated viewings —> but I watched this the other day for our big project here and this one DOES. To conclude this opening paragraph, I would like to mention that when I popped this in and it fired up – the credits they used were the font I use for most things out here! YAY they used MY FONT!!! Wait – I didn’t create the font, but – we use the same one!!! Drive loves me back!! They really love me!!

So I made my own movie poster (even though it’s not the standard size and shape):


Here’s a little back story about this image and – it might get a little mushy – so I understand if you want to clear on out the back now. I know I’ve been self reflective before and it can get a little heavy handed, so I don’t talk about myself very much but, I think this project with Zoë is worth it – even if it drives you off. So here goes –

HMMMMMM Screw that – that sounded a lot better when I was home alone and drunk the other night….

What’s not to like about this movie????  A long time ago a bunch of us got together at Tyson’s site and debated this – I think it was called The Face Off – where two people said how much they liked it and two argued against it. I was going to link it here but can’t seem to find it on his site. Where HAS that young man gone. Anyway, I remember Misty didn’t like it but I can’t remember the other person or what her reasoning was, but – I know there are a few people out there that don’t care for it. I loved it!


The first time I watched this, I remember it was a cold, snowy day and I was laying on the couch with my head near the fireplace. I remember thinking the opening was boring and the music was irritating me and I was all “what’s with all of the fucking hype about this thing??” and almost fell asleep. When I watched it again the other day I thought it was pretty fucking epic and totally loved it.



I don’t know if I had drifted off in a warm-fire-induced haze but I totally forgot about this scene in the strip club with the hammer. EPIC! I tried to find a GIF of one of my favorite shots of the last few years but I couldn’t. There’s about three seconds at the end of this scene where they slow it down to super slow motion and this car goes flying around in the background, visible through the rear window. You can kind of make it out there in the top left:

drivechaseI did, somehow, manage to find this searching “drive 2011 gif christina hendricks” though and I thought I would share…drivechx

I’m not totally sure what else can be said. Drive is super violent There’s not much foolish dialogue in Drive The actions scenes are wicked awesome The score is actually incredible The ending isn’t stupid Christina Hendricks is smoking hot √


I’ve got no gripes with Drive – this is an instant classic in my opinion. I can watch this all the time. The only question that remains unresolved regarding this film and its effects on humanity is: HOW DID THESE GUYS FUCK UP ONLY GOD FORGIVES SO BAD?????


  1. Wonderful work you guys! This movie is just the fucking shit! I love it. It totally blew me away when I first seen it and remains a favourite ever since.

    Btw, I was part if that Face-off on Tyson’s site. I’m sure the other person you’re thinking of that didn’t like it was Kloipy. I’ll still never understand why!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Two excellent reviews – both of which made me want to watch this again!!

    I’ve only seen Drive once and I guess I’m bucking the trend as I didn’t love or hate it, I just thought it was a pretty good movie. I am going to watch it again now 🙂

    Not right now, just NOW I’m going to watch it again…..

    Liked by 2 people

      • I think I’ll probably like it more 🙂 you’re infectious!!! And to only watch a movie once…I can barely remember some of the finer details to be honest. Though I remember Walter White calling him Kid or Junior? (strange the things we remember!) a lot.

        I’ve got the soundtrack at home. A bit like yourself it’s not something I’d usually go out of my way to listen to but I loved it!!! Especially the slushy “a real hero” !!!!

        I will watch this very soon. Can’t wait to watch the Maze Runners as well!! I should read the book first but I won’t, so I’ll just watch it 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      • YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Then I am winning here hahahahaha! I think you will be doing yourself a great favour by revisiting 😛 Yep, that he did!

        RIGHT?! What an amazing soundtrack.

        Pffffffff, I watched it and then read the book and I am glad I did that. The movie was way better than the book. Had I read it first, I don’t think there was a snowball’s chance that I would have watched the movie :/

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  3. Mr.JizzButt

    Nice review Zoë. Without a doubt, the best movie in the last decade. It pretty much has everything I love in a film.
    I agree Eric, what went wrong from Drive to Only God Forgives. That was a big disappointment.

    Chris (hipster)

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  4. This totally made me want to watch this again immediately. I’ve only seen it once, and that was like three years ago and I can’t remember much of it or how I felt about it. Seems like something most people love more on a second viewing.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Tom

    Dude. Drive is actual validation that porn has benefits. This movie is basically porn on the eyes. Especially that elevator scene.

    Is it bad I get hard when he stomps that guy into oblivion?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Zoe – Yes I need to re-watch this. Every time anyone mentions this I totally think of you, just like when I see Dane Dehaan. And yes Ryan is smoking hot in this movie. Nice review!
    Eric – I literally LOL when you said they used your font. The IPC font is now famous! Glad you liked it and I also so that God Forgives movie because of this one and that has to be the worst movie ever made. wtf…And Christina Hendricks is also sexy as hell. Love her too.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. AHHHH I started reading this but then I was worried about spoilers so I stopped!!! Because I’m actually going to be watching this very, very soon for something…

    I’ll come back later and geek out over it with you lot!!! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK that is like THE BEST NEWS EVER. I absolutely cannot wait to hear what you say about it, and I am sure we will be geeking out about it soon!


      Liked by 1 person

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