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It’s here!! Let’s shit again like we did last summer! Let’s shit again like we did last year! Let’s shit again like we did last summer! Let’s shit agaaaaaaaaaaaain – shittin’ time is here! If you’re not familiar with that – those are the lyrics from a Chubby Checker song from back in the 50s. Anyway – here we are and we’re ready to shit!

We’ve got some great shit ready for you this time around and I think this might be the most mighty and unclean SHITFEST ever!!! We’ve got Australians and vampires and people with big feet! I think we’re getting a live action film sent our way and maybe even a wonderful duet and we should have an EPIC Top Ten List if everything falls into place (and a certain someone doesn’t get pissed all day, every day). We’ve also got a special WHOSE BOOBS planned – with another trophy to be cast from the souls of the innocent as the prize!!

I would also like to announce a revamped IPC STAFF page!! Want to be a member?? Talk to me! I’m always looking for help out here (especially if I have to go out of town for work and work 12 hour days six days a week). I’m also pondering doing another SHITFEST SOCIAL  – if you wanted to know what that’s all about check out previous entries HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Those sure are a LOT of fun – it’s just difficult figuring out a good time for everyone.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – without further aDOO-DOO – let’s get cracking!! I present to you the official SHITFEST 2015 theme song as written by yours truly and performed by the artist going only by the sinister name of EL DIABLO! Crank it up!! Play it on your work’s PA system! Blast it on your boom box at church!! Take off your clothes and do a strip tease for your coworkers! PICS!!!!!! Here it is:


Here’s some graphics you can use for sidebars! These were made by the lovely and fearsome ANNA the FILM GRIMOIRE:ANNASFW1ANNASFW2ANNASFW3Here’s a couple I made one night when MRS THE IPC was out of town and I was drunk and lonely:SHITSIDE1SHITTHUMBCP

For those of you who look at the thumbnails on my home page – YOU’RE WELCOME!

Who will come away with the trophy???? will it be another female?? Only one male has won the competition…. are the woman flashing their decolletage at the voters?? Are they running a kissing booth on the side?? Who knows but come on, lads! Let’s do this thing!

At the end of this thing we’ll all vote You’ll email me your five favorite posts at and I’ll assign a point value –

1st Place Vote = 5 Points
2nd = 4 Points
3rd = 3 Points
4th = 2 Points
5th = 1 Point

Then I’ll tally them all up for a week and announce the winner of the world’s most coveted trophy! You don’t have to be a blogger to vote!

And – as always – if you should get behind on the reading or want to re-read them at the end, I’ll keep them all linked right HERE on this page (or on the left sidebar in a web browser) (or, I think, at the top of the page on a phone or tablet)


Step right into the doo tomorrow morning as I kick things off with some thoughts on a TERRIBLE thing I watched recently. #pornstache


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    This song is SO SHITFEST. I particularly love the bit about creeping into rooms and smelling hair. Miguel does that on the daily. Speaking of Miguel, he asks if you need any unholy midwives on hand for the birth of the next trophy. He says he has a “very busy schedule,” but he would clear it in a heartbeat should you need assistance.

    …Don’t buy that “busy schedule” shit. All he does is set fires and watch Golden Girls, set fires and watch Golden Girls–all day every damn day. I think he’s having a pre-birthday existential crisis. I need to find him more hobbies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • theipc


      Isn’t that song epic?????????????????


      I’ll be in touch regarding the assistance!!!


      Liked by 1 person

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