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A couple of weeks ago I did a contest out here to see if The Beloved Reader could guess a set of boobs. That was fun but it went too fast and Luke came up with a better idea (so people who didn’t read first thing in the morning could still play). So – today – I introduce a new tradition! The SHITFEST: WHOSE BOOBS contest!! Below, I present to you ten sets of boobs – the contest is to see who can get the most correct. At the end of SHITFEST I always cast a trophy for the winner and I create it with the souls of 23 virgins. Going forward, in my other smelting pot, I will create a second trophy for the champion of SHITFEST: WHOSE BOOBS! I’m not sure what it will look like yet but my intention is to use the souls of The Innocents and make it just as evil as its Creator.

I know I watch a lot of weird and obscure shit out here but all of the actresses below are mainstream and have been in high profile movies – with the exception of number three. She might have been in some sort of high profile movie but, if she has, I haven’t seen it and I only know her from her TV work. I’m pretty sure her TV show is pretty popular and is in syndication around the world.  The only other exception might be number nine. I’ve seen her in ONE movie but I think she’s in some popular stuff – but it might be more of the independent variety – I know that I’ve seen people blog about one of her newer movies in the past couple of months.

At this point, I really am not sure how long SHITFEST will run, but I am going to let people guess on this until the end and I’ll announce the champion the day before SHITFEST ends. (NOTE: In the event of a TIE we’ll have a BOOB-OFF where the contestants will try and guess an obscure set – I can’t make two trophies because I don’t shit money). I hope this is fun! GOOD LUCK!! You can put your guesses in the comments or email me at



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