Isaacs Picture Conclusions



I got up this morning and we exchanged cards and gifts and inside this box of sour candy was something called “spray candy”. I was like – “what the hell is this??” and we sat down to watch some DVR-d TV. After I ate my fruit like a good boy I cracked open the spray candy and gave it a whirl. I won’t give my reaction but I convinced MRS THE IPC to give it a shot, so she took a squirt and gagged and once she recovered, she said to me “You need to put that shit in your shitfest!” So – here you go!! BEWARE THE SPRAY CANDY!!!!



  1. Warheads are the best/worst! Future prank idea: Put a Warhead in a glass of water for a couple of seconds so that the sour coating sheds off into the water, then take the Warhead out, leaving only a transparent surprise. Then offer the water to an unsuspecting victim. This was my favourite prank ever when I was a kid and it’s still amazing.

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