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Good morning, my Most Beloveds! As you know, I would never lie to you and I’m always on your wall, or in your trees or under your bed protecting you, but today I have dabbled in the Arcane and Mysterious Art of Mischief to bring you something I did somewhere else. The post today is not about the 2014 movie Nightcrawler which I never intend to see….NIGHT2

This movie is also not about that furry German fellow who debuted so long ago in The Uncanny X-MEN:NIGHT3

Exhibit B:NIGHT4

Nor is this post about slimy worms:

Exhibit C:NIGHT6

This post is about a different kind of Nightcrawler. One that will make you squirm with fear and hide in your closet, crying and holding your favorite stuffed animal. This evil serpent will invade your dreams and make you so afraid your ancestors will quiver. Yes – this Nightcrawler is The Boogey Man, The Thing Under The Stairs, That Which Goes Bump In The Night and He Who Can Not Be Named. To see the full report, which was also presented before the United States Senate, click the image below…. IF… YOU… DARE….




On a side note – yesterday I was looking something up on my own site and saw that it was from January of 2012 and that not one single person has ever looked at it and I thought it was kind of funny. Then I thought I should Tweet it out but then I never did. What came out of that confliction in my brain is this: no one ever reads the old stuff so I’m going to start randomly tweeting out your old shit from people who talk to me out here. It’s not like I have a lot of twitter followers and get millions of referrals from twitter but who knows, maybe someone will read something you wrote when you first started!


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