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Today we have a very special treat for you, Most Beloveds! Instead of my usual nonsensical farts of words about a movie – today you can hear me TALK about one. One that I really liked, too! Of course, what I say are still just farts out of my mouth but this is a good one with my friend Dave over at THAT MOMENT IN. Picture the setting: it’s early evening where I live… it’s the crack of dawn where he lives… I have the anxiety because I’m not used to talking to anyone almost ever – so I’ve had a couple of beers… Dave is up before the roosters so he’s drinking hand squeezed orange juice and poached eggs with homemade hollandaise sauce… the bacon is crisp! The IPC is buzzed!! What can happen??? Check it out and see!!wyrm2

It might be a little long for some people but you can always start while you have your lunch and finish while you have your afternoon stool. It’s that easy and FREE PARKING!!! Here’s an image because I talk about this dude:wyrm4

Here’s an image because I think this chick was hot and bad-ass and I’m going to tag this post with “sweaty boobs”:wyrm5

And without further adoo-doo – here’s the podcast!


  1. Wow, those smooth dulcet tones… almost too much to take in all at once. Good job on it – will have to finish it later – don’t have enough time at the moment. Did subscribe to the channel though and looks like a few shows on there I’ll probably give a listen to.

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  2. I’ll have to listen to this when I get home but loved reading the intro and brilliant feedback and it sounds very fun! And hugely intriguing!!!!

    And I’m so glad Vinnie has nominated you for the fucking Versatile fucking blogger fucking award! Hahahaha!

    O_o o_O

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