Isaacs Picture Conclusions



Please congratulate a person with a penis (I think) winning the contest the chicks have ruled for three straight seasons. Good job, lads!!

Here’s some Shitfest Stats for you:

England – 3 wins
Canada – 1 Win
U.S. – 1 Win

I shall now head into my basement dungeon and begin heating up the coals and casting two of the most evil trophies of the 21st Century!!!!


I see in my stats that people click on your blogs! I hope you’ve made new friends and got new followers and have been turned on to more epic blogs than you knew about two months ago!! Let’s do this again this summer!!!



P.S. I know no one really looks at blogs on the weekends but, if you didn’t mind, I have something coming out tomorrow if you’re not too hungover.


  1. Congratulations Luke!!!!! I’m so pleased 🙂 your post was hilarious and imaginative!

    And COME ON England winning 3 times! Can you speak to our football team maybe….?

    Had so much fun, loved every single entry and enjoyed the craic! #shitfestforever

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  2. Very awesome! Congrats to everyone really. I do look at blogs on the weekend, so I will see whatever you post there Mr. Eric. Also, I did find a bunch of nifty new blogs to follow, so that was a bonus for me. Now, I don’t want to cry or anything, but it sure would be nice to be one of your beloved readers over there on the left hand side of the page. :”( lol

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  3. FUCK YES! I was wondering where all of the worried messages meant on Twitter and now I know. I am totally surprised I won this. I thought Abbi had smashed it by a long shot once again. I will write something proper once I have received my trophy and do a proper victory speech. All I will say on here is thank you to everyone that voted for me and LONG LIVE SHITFEST. #ItRubsItsLotionInItSkin

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  4. V

    Speaking of drunk, congratulations from the pub! The sun is shining, Ireland have a great chance of winning the 6 Nations, and Luke won Shitfest. It’s beer garden time. I may have a Dissarono to mark the occasion. It’s a great day! \o/

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  5. *ahem* If I’d known this was a drawing contest instead of a review writing contest, I mighta had a better chance :-p

    And I’m obviously kidding, of course! Congrats, Luke!!

    I had lots of fun reading all the entries, especially the Exorcist II one! Can’t wait for Summer Shitfest!! 😀

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  6. Tom

    Hahah Awesome Luke, awesome! I must say that post was something epic.

    Once again, King Ipes — you’ve outdone yourself. This blogathon is absolutely kick-ass. Look forward to a hot and steamy Summer session.

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  7. I’m so, so fucking belated on this, but CONGRATS, LUKE!!!!!! A totally deserving winner here. Made me laugh so much. Also, Miguel expects playdates with new trophy. Many, many playdates…mwahahaha…

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