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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but it’s also been a while since I’ve been to the movie theater so here we are! I’ll probably do some more writing about this in the future but, since that will take me two weeks, I’ll offer up this for the moment: I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING LOVED IT!! Seriously – from the opening scene until the end. The camera work, the use of sound and music, the effects – the plot and the story – the acting – FANTASTIC and this was the perfect movie for a guy like me! For real – if I didn’t have some errands to run I would have totally watched it again. If you think this looks good from the trailers – it really is and I am VERY happy I saw it in the theaters. GREAT WORK!!

I know that sometimes things get overhyped and – for me – that can be a real turn off – I’m looking at you Guardians of the Galaxy – but this REALLY worked for me. It’s not too bloody and there’s not much boobs – which you might find surprising for me – but yeah, so fucking good. Highlights for me were: the school scene, the beach scene, the kitchen scene and the pool scene. What a great fucking job, guys! I absolutely loved the characters too.

Anyone else seen it yet?? What did you think?IT2


  1. Victor De Leon

    Cant wait to check this out bro. Just reviewed Monsters Dark Continent but this one should be next, I hope. Looks so frakkin good. Thanks for the head’s up! 👊🎬 🎥

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  2. Lucky bum, you! I really want to see it, but will have to wait till it comes On Demand or on Netflix. I live in Quebec City, which is very, very french, and only the big films play in english here, and even then, sometimes it’s just one or two showings a week. I’m perfectly bilingual, but I abhor dubbed films. I refuse to see them, I just can’t do it. Even for films in languages I don’t understand a word of, I’ll see a subtitled version with original audio. I just can’t do dubbed. The voices don’t match, the sound doesn’t match the lips, it’s horrifying. But I’m babbling again, aren’t I…?

    So yeah, as I expected, it’s not playing here. It’s not even playing in french, but I’m not surprised at that either. Horror films don’t get a lot of play here.

    I’m going home to Montreal to visit my parents and friends in about 3 weeks. Maybe I’ll get lucky and it’ll still be playing in cinemas when I get there…

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      • theipc

        I don’t mind reading a movie but it’s so difficult for me to sit still for any number of minutes that it’s a trying time for me with subtitles….I’m very fidgety and distracted easily….


    • theipc

      I will count myself luck then! I HOPE HOPE HOPE you get to see this in the theater. I would hope you would never accuse me of being a bandwagon guy because normally I hate popular things – but this, THIS is all kinds of epic! I wish I could go see it again….


      • Pfft, bandwagon all you like. I’m actually annoyed more when people get all high and mighty and say stuff like “oh, I never watch those mainstream movies”, like they were talking about watching someone pick their nose. I say like what you like.

        I really hope I get to see this in cinema too, but looking at the schedules in Montreal, it’s not even playing there! And that is surprising. Montreal is usually great at playing everything, including horror. Especially horror. We host the FantAsia Festival, after all! :-p

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  3. Well I have to say I was not head over heels for this film, but lately I have been hard to please. (Must be male menopause or something). I love that so many people are excited about it though. Peace.

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    • theipc

      Fair enough! I liked it so much I’m taking the afternoon off to go see it again while it’s in the theaters : )

      Thanks for the comment!


  4. Yaaaasssss. Agree with you 100%, buddy!!! This one was such a pleasant surprise, and I’m so glad you liked it so much, too!!! But what is this blasphemy about Guardians not living up to the hype?!?!?!


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