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WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! It’s March 27th and time for another Amityville movie!! Was this any good?? Did Zoe hate it more than anything?? Does it fuck continuity straight up in the butthole??? Does anyone’s face explode???? Do a brother and sister do The Sex????? Did I make a GIF???????

Click the poster above to find out!

On another note – I took tomorrow (today) off to go see a movie in the theater, which is rare for me, so I’m excited! If I’m able, look for another post out here this afternoon. It won’t be super detailed since it takes me about a month anymore to get a post together but it would be my thoughts on something new!



  1. I do love the randomness of the incest storyline. Anyway, will you be reviewing The Amityville Haunting, the 2011 Asylum found footage film? I hope so, it’s one of the worst films I’ve ever seen and makes this one look like Gone with the Wind!

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