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Right, Eric is taking far too long to give me permission to post something on his site for him, so I am just going to do it anyway, before I go to work.

Thank you so much for voting me Shitfest Champion of 2015 (or at least early 2015). I have been posting for a few years now, but I never actually expected to win it. Abbi’s way with words had me in stitches and the Brit in me loved reading Emma stomp all over Green Street. So imagine my surprise when I began getting tweets and messages asking where the hell I was. I was trapped in work, so didn’t even cotton on to why everyone was hunting me down. When I got back from work in the late hours of the evening, I was over the moon. Me, a Shitfest champion? I now feel like an honorary member of this WordPress clan.

Of course, with all Shitfest winners, I received my very lovely trophy. I was quietly cautious. Everyone has heard the whispered legacy of Miguel, minion of Dark Cara, and I was truly terrified that I was letting a dark entity into my household. This fear doubled when I saw Eric had used enough packaging to keep Godzilla at bay. What was in this box? Well, so far, my trophy, lovingly named Arthur – has been less evil and more… lame. He spends most of his evenings reading poetry and his idea of a night out is watching chess on the TV. He is a list of things he has been up to, since arriving.

Spoiling Game of Thrones for Ruby.

Spoiling Game of Thrones for Ruby.

Listening to Katy Perry.

Listening to Katy Perry.

Drinking my secret supply of booze.

Drinking my secret supply of booze.

Inviting Russian meercats around the house to discuss politics.

Inviting Russian meercats around the house to discuss politics.

Listening to more Katy Perry.

Listening to more Katy Perry.

But of course, you want more than my thank yous and photos. You want something truly iconic, worthy of Shitfest. Well, I rustled something up. One final Shitfest supplement. I have been working on this for a while and seeing as I won Shitfest, I combined the two together and I think I have come up with one my best videos yet. Be warned: it ends with a pretty terrifying image.


  1. Brilliant stuff here, Luke. I must say, you and your accent reading The IPC’s search terms really classes up the joint. 😉

    I’m very happy for you as far as the whole trophy thing goes. How did you get such a mild-mannered fellow while I got Miguel??? I had originally wanted to request a playdate, but I don’t want to corrupt a sweet trophy like Arthur…I’m going to just tell Miguel Shitfest was cancelled this time. I don’t know if he’ll buy it though, so keep your doors and windows locked just in case…

    Ruby is a terror. I think we could be best friends, she and I. We have the same face when someone tries to steal away our seats. I might get a little more bitey though.

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