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It would be a lie to tell you that this movie is good, because it’s not. It’s shit. It’s an awful made-for-American-TV movie that is so PG it’s almost a kid’s film. ย It’s also got Patty Duke way after her prime and the plot revolves around a fucking possessed LAMP. But – when JB and I watched this at the same time, we were able to have a bunch of good laughs so I reflect on this movie as a fun time…. go ahead and click the poster up above to check out our instant message thoughts on this fucking thing while we watched it!AV4b


  1. I’VE SEEN THIS ONE! I keep forgetting that i’ve seen these until you guys do your posts. I must have gone through a phase when I was a kid because it’s that hazy kind of, “Oh, yeah! That movie about the possessed lamp!” but I don’t remember anything of substance asides from that. Going over to read your chat now!

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