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Episode 7!! THE RESCUE OF ATHENA ONE!!!  Come jizz with Scoot ( Damian Thomas Films, Etc ) and I as we review the first episode with Farrah Fawcett!! Will she survive the daring space mission??? Will Steve lose his eye?? Will they die a fiery death re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere?? Will Steve get his best mack on and make it with Fawcett??? Click the poster above to find out!!

In our ongoing superhero theme here, on Sundays, I was having some computer lag problems the other day so I reached out to our main man Vinnie and he was able to produce! It seems Black Canary is joining us today to play with our sticks!

Black Canary gif

And, because I was chastised last week for showing too much boob, here’s some beefcake for our good lady friend THE FILM FETISHISTHEMSTFF

Presenting Scoot! PipPip, old Cock!



    • theipc

      Ren!! I’m not used to searching for nude dudes. I searched “beefcake gif” and this was the best I could come up with. If you want to send me a gif to post next Sunday – feel free : )


  1. ZOBO IS HERE! CHECKING OUT THAT SEXY PIECE OF ASSSSSS! Where’s my spanking paddle when I need it? Thank you ever so much for the wonderful beefcake gif, you delivered well Mister! Liam Hemsworth has a wonderful, wonderful bottom, my dreams will be filled with his tight little cheeks hahaha!

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  2. Eric, have you noticed that your posts on The Six Million Dollar man always get raunchier comments than usual? Must be because you post them on a Sunday and with everyone adhering to the day of rest routine, they all can’t wait to read something x-rated.

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    • theipc

      Hey! Let me say one thing! I’m not used to searching “swinging dick gif” so I did the best I could. If you want to post or send something in, you’re an author here for a reason!


      Liked by 1 person

      • One day, my friend, I will have more time to shower your blog with beautiful naked men. Until that distant, perhaps even mythical day, I have to resort to whining about it. 😉


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