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Since I’m all about honesty here, I can tell you that I didn’t really know jack shit about these movies. One time I was minding my own business and read about the original HERE but it didn’t persuade me to give it a watch…. then I saw the title pop up on iTunes a couple of months ago and it was released in 2014 so I figured it was a remake but for MONTHS it was only out there to buy for 19.99 Β and it DIDN’T come with a BJ. Then I read about the new one HERE and I thought – hey, I’m in on this! So finally the goddamned thing was out to rent and I went and rented it and – what can I say? I really liked it! Again, I don’t know shit about the original other than what I read in that one long post and what they reference in this movie but, this one was really good.TOWN2

I mean this thing starts off with a little corpse desecration… who saw that coming??? Balls, I say!! Balls!! Plus – the lead is a total cutie:TOWN3

There’s sex, blood and rock n roll. The villain is a total badass. I thought the story was clever and the way they incorporated the original into it was pretty smart. It’s always going to be very, very difficult to make a “new” slasher movie – and we all know that so, if you’re going to make a slasher flick it’s going to have to be all about the presentation. This looks good, sounds good, has practical effects and wasn’t stupid. I don’t have any complaints here.TOWN4

And, for real, there’s none of this in it:TOWN5

I would totally watch this again. I think some folks might think the ending is a little dodgy but it didn’t bother me at all. Also – because I’m feeling spry, here’sΒ a couple of things I found on the internet when searching “the town that dreaded sundown remake movie”:



  1. GaryGreg828

    I tried watching the original last year, but it starts out so painfully slow I stopped after about 10-15 minutes. I watched the remake/sequel a couple days ago and thought it was pretty good for the first half, but then it started declining and the final sequence just seemed forced to me…

    (SPOILERS ahead for any readers who haven’t seen it yet)

    Why did her grandmother want to leave town in the middle of the night? I don’t even think that lady would be awake at the hour they were leaving. They wouldn’t just wait to leave early in the morning the next day? I thought that was peculiar. And the lead girl didn’t seem to be very affected when the people closest to her were being killed at the end; i think the opening sequence was more authentic, when the guy she was with was being murdered, she was screaming and crying – but at the end she seemed almost nonchalant when her new boyfriend was murdered and I expected more emotion after seeing her grandmother was killed. And then there to be multiple murderers AND one turns on and kills the other. I hate that in movies and feel it’s a “convenient” plot device to help the protagonist. Instead of having the central character find a way out themselves, the writer helps by eliminating one of the villains.

    Overall, a decent movie, but with a little better writing I think could have been really good. I liked the set-up and the mystery. I just felt it was rushed in the end.

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    • theipc

      HMMMM It’s been awhile now since I’ve seen it but I thought there was a reason behind why they left so urgently… it didn’t strike me as weird… I liked the thing and the end didn’t bother me much –

      the original just looks terrible…


    • theipc

      What can I say? I liked it – I watch some SHIT movies and this one was better than most : )

      I don’t know about that original – it looks pretty bad….


  2. I’ve not seen the original OR the remake of this! Clearly, I’m falling behind. UGH. I’m still trying to forgive Aaron Eckhart for I, Frankenstein. It’s an uphill battle. Also, that second-to-last gif…Say whaaaaaaaat???


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