Isaacs Picture Conclusions



Episode 9!! DR. WELLS IS MISSING!!!  Join Scoot ( Damian Thomas Films, Etc ) and I as we discuss the 9th episode of Season 1! It’s filled with intrigue! Mystery!! Bionics!! Austrians with Italian last names!! Men with moustaches!! Pin striped suits!! Chalets and Valets!!! SHIT!!! It’s all there!!! Just click the conveniently supplied poster above!

In our ongoing superhero theme here, on Sundays, I sent out a bunch of eVites a few weeks ago and the first one to show up is none other than Catwoman herself! MEOW PUSSYCAT!


And – since we’re now featuring beefcake on the Sunday post – here’s a man-crush submission from our man across the pond who likes to write in the nude,  Vinnie:

Brad Pitt gif

And – we received a personal request from a very dear reader!!  Someone said she needed to see “Matt Bomer’s flexing male buttocks” and we take these requests seriously, so here’s some man-butt for the beautiful: By Hook Or By Book


Lastly, as always here’s Scoot! PipPip, old Cock!


P.S. There’s a special “It’s finally fucking spring!!!” thumbnail today for those of you who look at them : )


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