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To intro – let me relate to you a true conversation that leads up to this movie experience…. this conversation takes place early 2013…

JTJ: hey what’s that computer for?
EI: My fucking job sucks lately so I started running a movie website…
JTJ: On the work LAN????
EI: No – look – I use this illegal Wi-Fi router….
JTJ: I wouldn’t get caught with that…
EI: I know – that’s why I lock my door every day when I leave…
JTJ: What’s your site called?
JTJ: (pause)
JTJ: That’s like, the longest, confusing URL ever…
EI: HAHA! I know. Especially trying to spell my last name… HAHAHA
EI: There’s actually a shorter URL that redirects to it
JTJ: That’s probably best… do you get a lot of hits??
EI: Not really, but it’s really just so me and XXX can talk about shitty movies without doing it over IM at work.
JTJ: Makes sense. Do you like GATTACA??
EI: Never seen it.
JTJ: WHAT?? Why not??
EI: I fucking hate Ethan Hawke.
EI: I don’t know. I’ve just never really liked the guy
JTJ: Well, that’s a dumb reason.
EI: I know, but I’m pretty dumb.
EI: Hey! I was thinking of doing a series of interviews for my site – you want to do one??
JTJ: I will if you watch Gattaca.
EI: Fuck. OK.

So, I watched Gattaca and linked to it up there, if you want to read it and then I did my first ever interview which you could look at HERE if you wanted. Then I refused to watch this movie because it had Hawke in it and then I got drunk one night and ordered up a bunch of movies on Netflix and forgot about this until it showed up in my mailbox and I watched it the other day and I have to say that I fucked around and quite liked it. That opening scene was pretty fucking creepy:


While I don’t agree with some of the things that happened in here (the boy in the box, Hawke’s wardrobe, the swimming pool bit), I thought this was pretty effective and actually gave me some unease. In our line of movie watchin’ it’s hard to find things that make you squirm (at least me anyway) but I have to say this one had it’s moments. If you haven’t seen this I’m going to spoil some shit up with my next image so you might stop looking now but….SINISTER4

That lawnmower scene almost made me shit myself since I didn’t see that coming whatsofuckingever. I was all “hmmmm what’s going to happen HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY………” (poop). Also – I think I might spoil up the ending a bit with my next image but….SINISTER3

I really liked how it ended up for Hawke (aside from the actual ending-ending). I thought that it was cool that the people who made it didn’t shit out some sort of happy fucking ending with some sort of crap “last second save” bullshit. CHOP CHOP CHOP!!! See ya later, pops. So – yep – I liked it and will probably even look at the second one! Mr. Boogie signing off!SINISTER5


  1. I need to watch Sinister again. I predicted the lawnmower bit, so I closed my eyes to cushion the scare. The entire cinema screamed. It could have been the best jump scare in the movie and I pussied out. I have felt empty ever since, like I need to go back and subject myself to Mr. Boogie once again.

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    • That’s nothing to be ashamed of Luke, I sometimes look away from horror films if I know there is a jump scare coming up, usually when I’m watching one with a few people. I’m the worst person for jumping.

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    • Go back and watch it. It was the first jump scare that legitimately got me to throw everything in my hands across the lounge for a change, even though I saw it coming. It was so worth it!

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    • GaryGreg828

      Luke, I also predicted it and I couldn’t look at it, either. It did rattle me. The reason we flinch or look away is when we visually see it our brain processes it and for a microsecond it feels like it’s happening to you. That’s why I don’t watch scenes like that. I don’t advise looking at it. lol. I liked “Sinister” but I have yet to watch it again. Scott executed some of the scenes too well! 🙂

      Another film I had a problem watching was Adam Green’s “Frozen”. I had to pause the movie and take a break during that wolf sequence. I just couldn’t look at that. lol. Adam and Scott are two of the top-tier directors in horror.

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      • I know! I really liked it too! Maybe I’ll review it soon 🙂

        Only thing that could have been marginally better…..


        A slightly happier ending! For one of them at least! I do like a nice ending I must admit.

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      • theipc

        You should!!! Did you ever see Hatchet 2?? The girl from Frozen is on a TV doing an interview with a reporter about her ordeal on the mountain : )

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      • No way!!! Did she survive then? I thought they all died (my addled brain haha) I thought I could remember her going through the snow and almost escaping, finding the ‘funny guy’s’ body and then dying herself…..I must watch it again!!!!! I’m probably making it up as I go along.

        Hatchet 2 was on TV at the WEEKEND!! I’m sure Candy Man is in it? I watched some of it, but not all as I’d already missed a bit and it didn’t look as good as the first one. Though films on British TV are repeated again and again and again so I’ll look out for it again! When they show it again! Again again again! O _ o

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      • theipc

        Yep! She made it! After she gets down that mountain someone drives by and picks her up : )

        I like Hatchet 2 – it’s so over the top I just loved it and yep – Candy Man is in it : )

        Love Pen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        O _ o o _ O

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      • My memory is so bad!!!!!! I’ve watched it at least twice as well!! At least. How can I forget so much lol !!!!

        Oh well, I’m glad someone got out alive!!! Haha.

        I will definitely watch Hatchet 2, thanks Pen 🙂 I trust you. It was the death scene in the first film, the one where Hatchet literally rips open that old lady’s head that initially attracted me to it. For the same reason, so over the top!!!!!!!!!

        Mmmm I sound like a lovely person!

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      • theipc

        HAHAHAHA!!! Do I need to get you something for your memory?????


        Hatchet 2 takes everything from Hatchet and makes it more over the top! I loved it! It was rated “X” here so there was even that! I’m not sure what “X” is over there…..


        Love Pen!!


    • theipc

      LOL – I didn’t know what was going to happen so I looked at it full on and yes, my assohle puckered like a – well – I can’t think of a good analogy for that but yes, I liked this thing. I’m even ready for the second one : )

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  2. I love Ethan Hawke!!!!! Didn’t love this movie, though. Far prefer Gattaca. Well, actually, this one started out pretty damn good with a lot of potential. Then the ending sucked big time. Like 90% of horror movies. 😦 I’d get fired if I blogged at work…. Lol

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  3. GaryGreg828

    I think we’ve had the Ethan Hawk discussion before b/c I feel the same way you do – but as of late he’s actually done some pretty decent films – or at least ambitious films that dared to do something new like “The Purge” even though it was a let-down in execution. “Sinister” on the other hand turned out pretty well. It really was creepy! The lawnmower scene you speak of, I actually predicted there would be a person that gets run over by it, and it STILL rattled me! lol. That’s effective directing from Scott Derrickson.

    Scott is pretty brutal w/ his horror films. I think sometimes the studios won’t let him do as much as he wants, but he definitely pushes the envelope. He’s on twitter if you want to follow him; he interacts w/ fans on there a lot – or at least a lot for a successful filmmaker. He’s also a Christian, so he likes to explore God and the devil in his films, which I think is interesting. He directed “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” which was a great film! My favorite Scott Derrickson film to date. Did you like it?

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  4. Holy cow, there are a lot of comments on this post! Firstly, I really liked this movie. Secondly, I also really like Ethan Hawke (Predestination was great!). Thirdly, I liked Frozen a lot too. It was so sad when she peed herself. I really felt for her at that part because I feel like a have a bladder the size of a peanut. Fourthly, I watched House of the Devil last weekend and it was pretty darn good too.

    Geez, I like a lot of things. Maybe I should lower my standards. Haha!

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  5. Lem

    I know what you mean about Hawke – somehow he has not been totally unwatchable in a few things as he gets older – I’m not saying he’s my fave but he is mostly less annoying and he gets involved in some interesting stuff – I liked this movie too.

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    • theipc


      Long time no talk! I completely agree with you here! Although I’m not going back to watch his oeuvre any time soon : )

      El Diablo


  6. I can’t believe you hadn’t seen this yet, Giantess!!! This is one of my faves of the last five years or so actually. Mr. Boogie is sooooo creepy. And that lawnmower scene ahhhhhhh!!! Horrifying. I was also a big fan of that ending. Leaves you unsettled, and I like that. Yaaayyy Sinister!!!



  7. I’m kind of ambivalent towards Ethan Hawke. But I really, really liked this film. It’s not often that I see a horror film that makes me feel genuinely uneasy (what with being so desensitised) but this did it. It’s a shame they tagged that crappy bit on the end, if they’d stopped just before that it would’ve been a total winner.

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