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#ATOWN (2014) SEASON 1


I’ve always wanted to do a TV series out here and I’ve always failed except for the EPIC post that we all got together for, for Season One of TRUE DETECTIVE. God damn that post was fun and even though I know he’s not real because he is real, it really made me happy when Rust Cohle favorited that tweet because he loves me. Anyway, I always wanted to do a season of a show but I normally don’t ever finish one or never get around to it, like Hannibal or Penny Dreadful or the like, but I think I’ve finally found The One… And… technically this isn’t a “TV Series” so much as a “Web Series” and, when I checked with the creators (I didn’t want to report on anything in error, of course, Most Beloveds) they suggested I go with “Original Series” so let’s roll with that and see what kind of love I had for #ATown (Season One)!ATOWN1

I don’t remember if they followed me first on Twitter or if I did but I started watching their show and went tweeting with them and they’re a lot of fun. The show is kind of perfect for a guy like me – they’re not very long – usually right around ten minutes give or take – and they’re funny. And they’re believable and they drink a lot of beer. For those of you Most Beloveds who have been around for a while, or even maybe two posts, you probably know my sense of humor – I like it sly and unusual – and this team feels like they could be my friends in real life.ATOWN4

Set in Austin, Texas (thus the ATown) we follow three – sometimes four – younger-than-me-s around as they try stand up humor, drink loads of Lone Star, look for The Sex, eat some weed, do some kayaking, talk about their Steam Pockets, pee in a pond, worry about insects up their WAHOOs, survive break ups and pine on about Friday Night Lights. It’s all good fun and even though I am going to tag this with “no boobs” there’s a bunch of Man Boobs and plenty of short shorts to go around. Oh, and tattoos. And toilet text messages. And, just so you know because I am all about honesty, I’m going to go heat up some pork chops and rice and take a quick break from this post.ATOWN2

Ok – I’m back and full and it’s actually five hours later and I’m drinking beer. WHOOP! I thought #ATown was a lot of good fun even without the blood and boobs I’m mostly known for. They’re not very long and they’re fucking funny and you can watch them for free right here:


Will Melanie ever wear a watch??? Will Layla ever make her gig???? Will Melanie ever fuck the six pack off of Sex God??? Will Whitney ever put a sausage in her mouth???? The answers to these question can be found at the link above! Do it! Do it! Support them!

Also – look for something very, VERY exciting in this slot next week!


  1. Speaking of ‘boobs’, I accidentally hit that tag on one of your posts as I was scrolling through the reader. Oh my! Suddenly I was looking at a lady with a rather large appendage in her mouth! It gave me such a surprise, it took me a while to figure out why it was there. Haha!

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    • theipc


      Would you believe I never had until this?? This IS a good place to start especially considering the episodes aren’t very long – and they’re good fun!




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