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Also – I’ve been struggling with how to go about this piece since I’ve watched it and – I think I’m going to spoil this up. There’s not some big twist ending like THE SIXTH SENSE or anything but I think I’ll have to address a shortcoming in this thing that lead me to ultimately not ♥♥♥  it. I don’t know if anyone is rushing out to see this in the first place, but – if you’re looking forward to it – spoilers! Let’s see here…..

The opening sequence (a still, above) is actually pretty excellent and had me thinking that I was really going to like this movie and tweet to them how much I liked it and tell them “Great job, team!” and have a blast and jizz everywhere and thoroughly enjoy everything but then the first scene was over and they cut to some really boring and uninteresting shot for about thirty minutes so I had some serious blue balls serious doubts as to what was going on and why were they doing so much character development and who gives a fuck and I got bored and here’s some of this ¿ and even some and then a little Ü and then it got interesting again.tree3

When we finally get into the fucking Tree House they introduce a a pretty cool supernatural element – growling and howling, a beast on the roof, hanged bodies in the trees the next morning and there’s a really cool bit where the two people in the tree house are assaulted with hundreds of rocks and these things invade your dreams and this was getting good. Eventually we are told the girl is diabetic and they need to get out of the fucking tree and get her some water and some soup so they make a break for it under the cover of night.tree4

And here we go. Since she’s so feeble and weak they can’t go on, so they spend the night in the forest while these three beasty things prowl and prey and nothing happens somehow. The next day this kid carries the girl an untold distance and, while she convalesces in some stranger’s house, he roams around the landscape, inspecting the barn full of dead possums and – as it goes – he hears a commotion and looks out the barn window and the things that were causing so much damage are coming home and it’s just three dudes wearing masks. And riding a motorbike. There went all of the credibility and excitement this had going for it and this fizzles off into mediocrity as we roll to the ambiguous and strangely non-closing ending.tree6

And that’s that, I reckon. I doubt I’ll ever watch it again even though it had some good stuff going for it every now and then.  Oh well – in case you also got blue balls from reading this post here’s a little something to get you going again – enjoy:JAGIF


  1. I have been waiting for you to watch this. Really wanted to hear your opinion. It is basically the Wrong Turn but not the Wrong Turn (how haven’t the writers been sued?!). I quite liked the character-building and when they were in the treehouse, it was actually quite creepy (scary is the wrong word, but ‘hold-your-breath’ kind of thing!). Then I realised it was essentially the Wrong Turn, but where the bad guys were just ‘blokes’. It would have been better if they kept the weird prosthetics of the actual Wrong Turn movies.

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    • theipc

      Yep – it was going pretty good until we find out that they’re just three dudes and everything went bad. How did they hang those people in those trees? What’s with all of the rocks?? Why did the guy rip the girl’s shirt off and then just decide to punch her?


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  2. I might check this at some stage to see what it is all about, so stopped when you said spoilers follow!

    When I have time, that is, and if I remember hahahahaha!

    Sorry to hear it wasn’t the greatest thing you’ve seen recently 😦

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