Isaacs Picture Conclusions



Episode 9!! THE LAST OF THE FOURTH OF JULYS!!!  Join Scoot ( Damian Thomas Films, Etc ) and I as we rip off all of our clothes and go shooting over Niagara Falls in a barrel!!! What does that have to do with this episode??? JACK SHIT!!! Steve is sent on a secret mission to save the world’s Prime Ministers from nuclear death!!!! Will he succeed??? Will he ball that hot chick from Interpol???? The chances of both are pretty good! Click on that poster above to check it out!

In our ongoing superhero theme here, on Sundays, look who showed up at my doorstop today??? Green Lantern!!!!! SPLURT!!


And – since we’re now featuring beefcake on the Sunday post – here’s another man-crush submission from our International Man of Mystery,  Vinnie:

Tom Hardy gif

And – as he likes to consider himself The Master of Ass – I found this thing out there and thought I’d share – WHOOP!


And now – for the sweetest hooker this side of the Atlantic Ocean (Cara Gale) – here’s some dude everyone’s been drooling over all year:


Lastly, as always here’s Scoot! PipPip, old Cock!



  1. Thanks Eric, I do like to consider myself an international man of mystery. Tom Hardy, something about that guy makes me go weak at the knees. And that is one spectacular ass you featured especially for me, thanks dude.


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