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This one came as a recommendation from the wonderful Zoe over at Zuts (The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger). In fact – don’t be jealous boys – it came to me in a parcel from South Africa, wrapped in dark black paper, smelling of lilacs and daffodils.  At first, after opening the package, I was curious as to how the bones of a small animal had made it through Customs (apparently it is S.A. tradition to send small sacrifices along with DVDs to your friends in North America) but I collected them from the box and put them aside – YES – in a circle, Zoe – for praying later and started this regional friendly movie. After about 20 minutes I realized I had seen this before – but didn’t remember much of it because I had watched it during the weed smoking days – even though I’ve never touched the stuff – and didn’t recall being very fond of it but I pressed on anyway and – sorry, sweet JB – I didn’t really love it.dread2

I thought this thing had some cool aspects to it, like the touch of the chick with the full body birthmark and those scenes with the kid and the murderer:dread3

But I just didn’t ever really care for the rest of it and that scene with the steak was just fucking disgusting. So, this semi-normal college dude runs across this dissident style other dude and they decide to film people talking about what scares them. A broad teams up with them and sexual tension arises and then the dude that’s not Jackson Rathbone goes apeshit. Like I wrote in THE HAMILTONS, I’ve never been too fond of any of the After Dark Horror series shit and this one didn’t really step it up (to me anyway).dread4

In fact, I can’t really even think about too much to say about it, sorry IJB!!!! Here’s my gift back to you:dread5

Tune in tomorrow for something I absolutely LOVED!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Tomorrow!



  1. GaryGreg828

    I actually started watching this one a while ago, and turned it off b/c I was bored. I looked it up and found it in the first place only after stumbling across a ultra low-budget indie called “Girlfriend” on netflix that co-starred Jackson Rathbone, who I thought was pretty good in it. Actually, “Girlfriend” was great! I was surprised, as I had little expectations going in.

    It’s a drama about a young man (Evan) with down-syndrome who follows this girl he’s in love with around town. Shortly into the movie, Evan’s mother passes away and he gets a substantial amount of money. His love interest is in debt. and so Evan is ready to hand her over all the money, but she isn’t sure if she should take it. Jackson Rathbone plays the girls on/off again prickly boyfriend and he looks for ways to take advantage of Evan.

    It’s a simple plot, but executed well. Very good acting, writing and directing. The story has a lot of heart, but manages to avoid sappy cliches. It’s a drama, but also has elements of romance, comedy and even thriller as the story goes in unexpected directions at times.

    Overall, I highly recommend this film; especially to someone like Zoe who is a fan of Jackson Rathbone – or anyone who likes Shannon Woodward, who plays the love interest.

    There’s this one scene I thought was hilarious when Evan’s crush was relaxing in a warm bubble bath and she happens to glance over and find Evan peering at her thru the bathroom window. lol.

    So now we know he has a lot in common with Eric Isaacs, but the difference is Evan doesn’t know better. 🙂

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      • PEN!!!! Mister Pen Mister Pen!

        I couldn’t bring myself to throw away the black pepper hardtimes packet so I cut out the front pic and stuck it on my fridge!! Will send you a pic soon O _ o o _ O

        I will definitely give this a whirl if it’s on Netflix. Mind you I gave ‘Hostel 3’ a whirl just because it was on Netflix. So I have no bounds!

        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ❤

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      • theipc


        I know the feeling!!! I would do the same thing : ) Have you tried the red pepper ones yet???? Can’t wait for a pic!! O _ o o _ O

        Hostel 3 wasn’t that good….. at least to me….

        ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

        P.S. We still need to initiate Phase 1 of our project : ) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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      • I know we do, sorry Pen!!!!!!!!!! I’m so rubbish and slow like a tortoise O _ o

        I’m saving them for the weekend again, once I open them I know they won’t last more than one evening! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

        Nah Hostel 3 wasn’t great, but I think I preferred it to Hostel 2 and it was slightly funnier. (yes Emma…..hilarious!)

        ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • theipc

        Me too!!!!!


        WHOO HOOOOO!!!!! The red pepper ones are my favorite!!!

        That Hostel series is OK at best : )

        Love Pen!!!!

        O _ o o _ O !!!!!!!

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  2. Ah well, not going to work for everyone, but I really liked it more than I was expecting to. The steak scene was nasty but really made you think about things. Plus, Jackson Rathbone. For science.


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