Isaacs Picture Conclusions



HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Happy May!! It’s Amityville 7 time…. Do we yell “Mayday” and give up on the ship??? Do we press on and finish up this shit franchise??? Does the woman in the grainy still below get her tits out??? Does anyone wear overalls without a shirt??? Does anyone eat turkey??? Only we know so you’ll have to click the poster above to find out!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!AANG2


    • theipc

      Looks good! I’ll go follow it when I get logged in! We got new carpet yesterday so I’ve been moving furniture all week and haven’t been online much other than my phone or iPad. The WP apps suck reading / following things.


      • GaryGreg828

        Yeah, I don’t correspond on the net very frequently on my phone, either. I use my iMac desktop. Hopefully next week things will be getting back to normal around here! 🙂

        I’m gonna try to see “Avengers 2” this weekend and write a review, just b/c I know so many will be talking about it. Seems like something the Mrs. IPC would want to see. You going this weekend?

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