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eod1Mel Gibson comes back from exile and plays a sad, old, detective. One night he is sitting around drinking milk and watching The Late Show with Johnny Carson and his estranged daughter shows up. She’s clearly sick and dying with radiation poisoning but two thugs show up at his doorstep anyway and blast her to smithereens. Using a shotgun, they pump one round of lead into her stomach and she goes flying thirty feet across the living room. After showcasing how powerfully he can cry, Gibson spends the rest of the movie hunting down the Director of Photography and the Stunt Coordinator, investigating the conspiracy of why they put that idiotic and regretful shotgun scene in the movie.eod2

Along the way he beats some people up and scowls and looks like he’s 90 but the most interesting thing to take from this is that, standing next to ANYONE else in the cast, he’s clearly only about three feet tall.


SZ1Aaron Eckhart’s cleaved chin escapes from his face and searches the country for Ben Kingsley’s enormous, missing nose. The nose may or may not be killing people who may or may not be serial killers. sz2

There’s nothing at all outstanding about this bland movie to write about unless we wanted to talk about that dumb scene with the ice cream truck but we won’t. Instead let’s remember how hot Carrie Anne Moss was in The Matrix and how amazing her ass looked in that leather suit.


And then, because our mind is drifting away from this boring thing about psychics and serial killers, let’s just take a few minutes to pay homage to Monica Bellucci.


You’re welcome.

And that is your latest from the Half Ass Reviews division of THE IPC.

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    • theipc


      We’ve been away too long!!!

      Correct!!! Both of these are erm…………….


      Sugar Pappy!!


    • theipc

      These were both what I would consider Busy Work. Yep – he’s still around, shuffling along a three foot tall.

      P.S. I’m back to work after five days off and I fucking hate it.


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      • Shit, that’s SHIT! We’re on a bank holiday today which basically means lounging on the sofa, interneting, watching films and waiting for my dinner to finish roasting. I’ll start to dread work at about 8pm tonight.

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      • Well, just started watching Foxcatcher but it was SOOOOOOO BORING I had to turn it off after 30 minutes. That thing is 2 hrs 15 minutes long! Looking for something else now…

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      • theipc



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      • Yep. 30 minutes and NOTHING HAPPENS. It might be a bonus day off today but I don’t want to TOTALLY waste my time. Just started The Signal. Have you seen it?

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      • theipc

        UMMMMMMMMM Is it the one with A.J. Bowen? I’ve seen that one and I LOVED it. If it’s the one with Fishburne – I started it and was liking it but never finished it….

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      • I saw the 2007 one and just remember being weirded out. Maybe I should watch it again? The one I’ve got queued up now is the 2014 one with Fishburne…

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      • theipc

        I really liked the 2007 one – but the third act was a little questionable…… Sweet – let me know how you like it? I was watching it one day and then got busy and never got to finish it. I thought it was going OK though….


  1. I quite liked the shotgun scene. Let’s be honest, we all knew the daughter was getting killed off at some point, but like that! The opening was really slow and then BAM! Most memorable death in quite some time.

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  2. GaryGreg828

    I saw “Edge of Darkness” at the theater and liked it. I bought the “Suspect Zero” DVD a couple years back and put it on and was bored and after about 20-30 minutes shut it off. Did you finish it? lol.

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  3. “Aaron Eckhart’s cleaved chin escapes from his face and searches the country for Ben Kingsley’s enormous, missing nose.” – now THAT is a movie I’d be willing to pay full price for in the cinema 🙂

    Love Clam! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  4. The mental image of Aaron Eckhart’s little chin escaping and battling Ben Kingsley’s lost nose is probably the best thing I have experienced this entire day. My god. Genius. Why don’t people make movies like that anymore?


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  5. Tom

    Sir Ipesness,

    These were two epically funny Half-Assed reviews. I’d like to get in on the action. Do I just pick 2 films to write up or how does this work???

    Love and peach creams,


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