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Heaven’s Prisoners is probably one of my favorite movies to come out of the 90s, so when this came out on DVD I was totally excited about it and watched it. That was back during the weed days so I remember not being very excited about it at the time but three years later I made this place here and wanted to talk about it. I fired up this post about two years ago and then I couldn’t think of anything exciting to say about it so its been sitting my drafts forever and recently I watched the DVD again and really liked it the second time around so here we are.  This time around Tommy Lee Jones and his grizzled face takes the lead as Dave Robicheaux and sweats it up in the Louisiana heat trying to solve some murders………. and he might be a little bit batshit! Let’s go!MIST2

I know these two movies are based on a series of books that I haven’t read and Tommy Lee Jones is about 80 years older than Baldwin so I wasn’t sure if this was a prequel or sequel to Prisoners – since Robicheaux’s a cop again but, using my amazing powers of purposeful deduction, I noticed that Alafair seems to be a little older this time around so I went with “sequel”. Also gone is Mary Stuart Masterson as the caring stripper and this time around it seems Robicheaux’s got himself a permanent, horny squeeze in Mary Steenburgen, whose name I can never remember for the life of me. Batist is also replaced by another black fellow with a voice that’s difficult to understand and we round things up with John Goodman as a murder suspect going by the name “Baby Feet”.MIST3

The basic premise of this is that someone is going around killing hookers and dumping them in the swamp but there’s also an intriguing side story that kind of weaves it’s way through the central plot like a hungry tapeworm. It involves the murdering of an escaped prisoner back in the early 60s and the ghosts of the Confederate dead.MIST4

Don’t believe me?? There’s a ghost right here, sitting on your front porch:MIST5

BOO!! did that scare the shit out of you?? I bet it did! Did it scare the piss out of Kelly Macdonald??? doesn’t look like it….MIST6

I liked this movie, quite a bit, but it’s nothing like the first one, if you want to compare. Heaven’s Prisoners was meant to be an action movie turning Baldwin into an action star but that never really panned out for him. This is more of a straight up mystery with a collection of odd costars like Ned Beatty and Peter Sarsgaard’s Sars Guards. Good stuff!


  1. I bought this on DVD in 2010 and still haven’t watched it! What are the amazing procrastinatory powers this movie unleashes on unsuspecting movie reviewers? I like ghosts and John Goodman, so I have to watch it someday.

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  2. I might have to track down this film and the one you talked about yesterday. The more I read about them the more I am surprised I have never watched them before!!!


  3. “but there’s also an intriguing side story that kind of weaves it’s way through the central plot like a hungry tapeworm”

    hahaha!! Loved that line.

    Goodman, Sarsgaard AND TLJ?! How the fuck did I miss this movie? So this is a sequel to the film from your last review then? I’ll have to check out both of these when I can. And the watchlist grows longer….

    And damn you for mentioning weed! Now I want a big fat bong, I don’t smoke anymore either unless a friend offers me some, so my tolerance is waaaay down, one billy and I’m BLAZED AS FUCK!! 😉

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    • theipc

      You should totally check these out!

      As to the grass – YEP – I don’t smoke much any more and one hit gets me loaded. A couple of weeks ago my friend came over with some of the good stuff and we smoked. That night, in the middle of the night, I reached over the side of my bed to get the pillow I put between my legs, lost my balance and fell out of bed. I thought I had broken a rib but I think it’s just bruised but GOD DAMN it hurts!!!! In fact – it hurts like fuck!!!

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      • HAHA!! Yeah I am the same, I stopped smoking it as I was literally doing nothing in my life. Smoking all day makes it hard to be productive in any way really, that’s why I stopped. But if a friend offers I won’t say no and yeah one toke hits me HARD!!

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      • haha I’m too young to remember that, plus i started smoking fairly late (20) so its always been strong as fuck for me. Plus I live in the weed state of Australia 😀


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