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Episode 11!! BURNING BRIGHT!!!  Join Scoot ( Damian Thomas Films, Etc ) and I as we attach jumper cables to our ears and supercharge our brains with electricity! Will we be able to talk to dolphins??? Will we be able to control you with our minds??? Will we burn out like a light bulb???? Click on that poster above to check it out!

In our ongoing superhero theme here, on Sundays, look who went for a walk with me around the mall!!!!


And – since we’re now featuring beefcake on the Sunday post – here’s another man-crush submission from our man Vinnie who we think is off travelling around the world on a yacht, nude….

Chris Hemsworth gif

And! To the lovely Marta – here’s your Burt Reynolds, as requested!


Marta, since that GIF wasn’t too risque, here’s something else to wet your whistle

: )


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand – for the best JB in the world:


We’ll finish up today with a little something for Poppy ~


Lastly, as always here’s Scoot! PipPip, old Cock!



  1. oh Eric you kept me waiting but it was worth it 🙂 😛
    Thank you soooo much 😉
    I must say that Vinnie’s man-crushes are also pretty swell, though I’m more partial to Tom Hardy than Chris Hemsworth.

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  2. Tom

    Dear Ipes –

    Speaking of Superhero-related stuff, you should really check out the Facebook Stalker song. That is, if you haven’t already. I feel like it’d be right up your alley. Set to the tune of Enrique Iglesia’s ‘Hero.’

    Love and potatoes,


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