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Each week I watch lots of movies that I get from Netflix – DVDs of things that are usually shit and I come out here and report on them. Each Tuesday I download a movie from iTunes and watch it on Friday while I wait for the clock to turn over so I can go home after a shitty week at work. Sometimes these are good and sometimes bad but I like this routine because the iTunes shit is usually MODERN (and HD). Sometimes I look at the trailer and there’s a bunch of violence and half naked chicks slinking and writhing around in their underwear or taking a steamy shower and I rent it and sometimes it pays off. And then sometimes I run afoul of shit like Muck.

Let’s set this up – this opens with five (or six) youths bleeding and crawling around in some swamp in the middle of the night. One of the chicks is only in her underwear and the other two are half dressed. One of the dudes is bleeding badly and they don’t know where they are. They head to a house, break in and one of them goes upstairs, strips and takes a shower. ย There is NO explanation as to who these people are, why they are where they are, why they are unclothed and why this guy is bleeding so bad. Then the opening credits roll and it’s some chick with her tits out wandering around in the swamp for ten minutes, looking scared and lost. This character has nothing to do with anything else and showcases the most pointless nudity I’ve seen since Halle Berry showed her tits in Swordfish.MUCK3

The reason behind their appearance in this swamp is never fucking explained. Neither are the stark white baddies in this movie or what the fuck Kane Hodder is supposed to represent. This movie goes like this: TITS, TALKING, TITS, TALKING, TITS, TALKING, BAD GUYS SHOW UP, TITS, TALKING, TITS, TALKING, BRAS, VIOLENCE, VIOLENCE, TITS, TITS, VIOLENCE, TALKING, SHOVELS, TITS, SWAMP, TITS, END. This fucking thing makes no sense whatsoever and it was kind of miserable. And then there’s just unnecessary shit thrown in for filler (I guess). Like – there’s this one scene where two girls and a guy are in a shitty, dive bar. The chick with the big tits wants to get laid so she goes into the bar’s bathroom with nothing but her purse. The bathroom looks like it’s in some sort of brand new house, complete with flowers and clean doors and mirrors an she promptly tries on ten different bras for five minutes. So….. she went out to the bar with ten bras shoved in her purse? What the hell?MUCK4

There’s another bit where one of the leads – the only who hadn’t shown her rack yet, gets captured by the albinos. While, previously, they had been vicious killing machines showing no mercy, they take her down to the basement, hold her arms up and rip her clothes off. Then they throw her through a window and she’s dead. I know you all know that I’m a big fan of The Boobs – and I don’t even mind when nudity is thrown in for no reason – but the nudity in this is almost stupid. I was hoping this would at least be fun in it’s own right but it wasn’t. At all.MUCK5

If you’re like me and want to know something about this movie you just watched, even though it’s usually best to just avoid the IMDB boards, apparently this is a crowd funded run at making a trilogy. As it turns out, this is the planned SECOND movie of the three and the sequel will be the first explaining what the motherfuckers are doing in the swamp in the first place. ย Well, guess what? They ALL die so who gives a fuck? Shit on this thing.


  1. Haha. Again – a terrible review but I want to see this just to confirm how bad – and naked – it is. Besides, I could always use more material for Shitfest.

    Although I am pretty convinced I have my Shitfest Entry planned down to a tee already. I’m in it for the double win, this summer!!!

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  2. Best line ever! – “Well, guess what? They ALL die so who gives a fuck? Shit on this thing”

    And Halle Berry’s boobs in Swordfish – hahaha! This film looks fucking dire Pen, I won’t ever watch it. I hate questionable films where you’re constantly thinking “What? Why?!” “Who cares?…..No-one.”
    Love Clam!!! O _ o o _ O xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    • theipc


      jump away from this movie like you would if you saw a wasp flying at you. It’s bullshit!!!!

      Love Pen!!!!

      P.S. O _ o o _ O
      P.P.S. < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3



  3. Dear ei,
    Poor you, this sounds terrible. And stupid. But not funny, good stupid. Stupid stupid. It must be BAD if all those boobs couldn’t salvage it. Personally, I’m always slightly disturbed by those half-a-grapefruit-implant-boobs. As for the sequel, prequel, trilogy business: they can piss off.

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    • theipc

      Dear fn,

      There were lots of half grape fruits in here, they just were used poorly and this movie stunk like garbage.



      P.S. #theycanpissofftohell

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  4. Ugh, so doesn’t sound like my movie. Too much tits and ass, and your review highlighted that. I would have been over it from there already, but add to the mix that there is no story? Even worse! Sorry to hear you didn’t like it, ten million racks and all!

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  5. nicolenevermind76

    We are of one mind about Muck. What a steaming pile of sun-baked shit! As you know, I LOVE boobs and I LOVE horror movies. If you make a horror movie that isn’t great but is mildly entertaining, then throw in a whole bunch of gratuitous nudity, even if it’s strictly boobs and no full frontal, I’ll give your movie ALL KINDS of extra points. Hell, I’ll even recommend it to my friends. When you make a movie SO bad, so poorly scripted, poorly acted, poorly edited, so half-assed and unprofessional that my depraved ass actually turns it off IN THE MIDDLE OF A BUNCH OF BARE TITS SCENES, then you should be ashamed of yourself. Seriously. And they’re planning on making two more of these train wreck shitpiles!? Who the fuck ARE these people? WHO LET THIS HAPPEN!? I want to find the director and crotch punch him repeatedly. That is all.

    On a happier note, hello! Things have been really rough and stressful lately and my health has been even shittier than Muck (yeah, it’s bad…) but I’m not currently in the hospital or on stupid bed rest so I’ve been wanting to revive my poor website and maybe dust it off and start adding some reviews to it. Maybe we could collaborate on something. Take care! *hugs from me and all the hedgies*

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    • theipc

      NICOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FRIEND!!!!!! WELCOME WELCOME!!! *squeeze squeeze squeeze*

      I’ve tried to get a hold of you but you never got back so I’ve been worried. I hope things are getting a little better….

      OF COURSE we could work on something together – email me any time at I would only LOVE it!

      Muck fucking sucked!! What a joke! I shit on that thing!

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