Isaacs Picture Conclusions


*NSFW NSFW*amity2005

WOOO HOOOOO!!! It’s Friday and we get to look at something GOOD for a change!! Join us as we take a very serious and detailed look at the 2005 remake with Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George. The GIF below doesn’t happen in this movie but how could I NOT post that??? (I really liked this move BTW) Click the poster!melissageorgegif

On another note – if you care – look for maybe another post this afternoon (U.S. time). I took the day off tomorrow (I’m scheduling this post on Thursday to post on Friday) to go see Fury Road. It looks like my options are 2D at 10:00 AM (which is not optimal for my day-off-sleeping-in-ness or) or 1:00 PM for 3D (which is not optimal for how my brain works). If I make it to (or through –> fucking 3D) it I’ll post something small about it before I go out of town and then work on a bigger post for later!


  1. GaryGreg828

    Okay, so do you know what time you’re going to see Fury Road yet? I am deliberating when to see. Maybe we should go simultaneously! 🙂 If you went at 10am, I could go at 10:30am.

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