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Tuesday’s post got me thinking about this old post (HAHA THIS old thing???) that no one has ever read so I thought I’d repost it again and see if anyone liked it : )

Look how different things are today… Look at all of those quotation marks…

Well – this has to be the best “exorcism” movie I have seen – but – to be honest, I haven’t seen very many of them.  One of my favorite movies is “Exorcist III” but that’s not really a “possession” film like we see out there: it’s more of a “the devil is playing wicked and deadly games with humans”  movie.  This thing, “Exorcismus”, is an art-house, independent, well-but-over-acted, tense, violent, good looking, frequently creepy movie that suffers from a little too many stretches of talking and “face-acting drama”  between the scenes of the  “good stuff” – which – were VERY good.  We also don’t have to look at or imagine a bunch of horseshit symbolism – this is pretty straight forward (with some well done flash backs) with very good special and make-up effects, wicked camera work, a few awesome – ala “Snatch” scenes (that seems hard to describe here) and very well produced. I would love to give this a “five” but there were too many periods of talking and brooding that had me distracted and bored, but when the film makers give us the goods, it was pretty, pretty cool. It ran almost two hours, which was WAY too long, – if they had taken out, or even not shot, an hours’ worth of nothing-much, this probably could have made them some money in the theaters. All in all – good, creepy and not too deep and preachy for a devil v. man movie. Did I mention this is a Spanish production company, with ties to Guillermo del Toro, making a movie in London?

The chick on the poster, Emma, is 15, home schooled with her brother Mark – their mom is overbearingly controlling and the dad is the pacifist teacher. The mom’s brother, the uncle, is a Catholic priest who has been rebuked by the Diocese for a botched exorcism (which wasn’t his fault, you see {this flashback is kind of cool – to me}). We also get the mom’s sister and two kids – who play a semi-pivotal part – they are just a little older than Emma. What does this mean? Why care? This is the catalyst – this is the thing a lot of teenagers go through – they want to be able to do what they want, when they want and don’t want to take no for an answer. Emma can’t go to the same concert as her older cousins. On her fifteenth birthday, her cousins give her some shrooms and they trip and mess with a Ouija board. She comes home loaded to her waiting mom who slaps her around a little bit. Emma says she hates her and then goes upstairs to do a little ritual her rebuked Catholic uncle may or may not have shown her, with her own blood. From there, things get pretty awful for just about everyone up to the end.

There are a lot of things I liked about this movie.. the kitchen scene… the “wah-wah-wah-wah” sound scene(s)… that scene with the soccer ball.. the way she sees herself doing something else… the thing on the flesh of her eye socket that, without being pointed out or shoved in our face, keeps getting larger and makes sense in the end. I liked all of that a lot.  I also liked that they used an “old” pentagram – not the Motley Crue job. What I didn’t like: too much talking – too much brooding and thinking and pouting and slowly getting to it. All in all – well worth the money I spent to rent it.


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