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Check out this piece on one of my favorite movies ever by one of my favorite writers ever!


Fred Dekker’s 1986 B-movie, Night of the Creeps, is a loving homage to the genre films of the 1950s.  It follows two lovable losers and college newbies, Chris and J.C., who unwittingly unleash plague of alien slugs that seek out human hosts and turn them into homicidal zombies.  What more could you want?


Yes, it’s cheesy.  Yes, it’s low budget.  But so what?  The plot is endearingly daft, our heroes aren’t just heroes, but underdogs, and there’s even a world-weary detective who greets everyone and everything  with the challenge: “thrill me”.  The opening sequence, set in 1950, is particularly good but the whole thing is really good fun.

Score: 7/10

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      • I’ll make it my mission!!! I would definitely love it 🙂

        Have you ever seen an old 80s movie called Pin? (not Pen!!) about a kind of mannequin doll that can talk? I might buy it! Wanted an opinion I could trust 🙂


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      • theipc

        Night of the Creeps is the best!!!!

        NO!! I’ve never heard of it!! I’ve made a note to get it!!

        Love Pen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        O _ o o _ O

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      • It’s pretty cheap on Amazon and looks interesting! Might be a bit weird though.

        Night of the Creeps does look really good 🙂 Love Clam! O _ o o _ O #anfernee


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      • theipc

        Dearest My Dear Clam,

        I queued it up on Netflix : ) Night of the Creeps is the fucking best!!!!!

        Love Pen!!!!!

        P.S. —————> xxxxxxxxxXXXXXXxxxxxx

        P.P.S. O _ o o _ O

        P.P.S.S. XXXXXXXXXrainboobsXXXXXX

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