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MELANCHOLIA (2011)melancholy1

I wrote about this a long time ago before anyone read my shit and then reposted it once when I had writer’s block – you could read that in depth and very important piece HERE if you liked, otherwise we’ll use it as a companion to the Tom Cruise movie below. Oh – and we’ll use this space today to showcase something very amazing in the GIF below this one.


Kirsten Dunst plays a depressed bride to be who goes around fucking strangers on golf course greens. Her sister is the chick who fucks everyone in England in those Nymphomaniac movies, Kiefer Sutherland kills himself in real life for being in this movie and then a planet collides with Earth which defies any science or logic. I figure this movie is OK – at best – but there’s so much shaky cam you might just vomit. I’ve seen four Von Trier movies and this is the only one I could say that I liked. At least no one, male or female, gets their junk mutilated in this thing. P.S.:



In this movie with a cast of thousands, Tom Cruise plays a motivational speaker who wants me to “Tame that Pussy!”, Jason Robards plays a dead man, Melora Walters is the best thing about this and we remember that John C. Reilly was actually a good actor before he became Will Ferrell’s sidekick. Literally dozens of different things are going on at the same time and then they all converge together after a fucking musical number. Oh – and this came up when I googled “Melora Walters Magnolia”:


I can’t tell if that’s Kate Winslet or Kelly McDonald or just some random woman getting a bath in Reut’s pond but I don’t think I’ll complain. Magnolia is a really good movie – although it’s too long – and should be considered a classic when you think of the composition behind it. Has anyone ever noticed the new thumbnail I use for these posts????


And that is your latest from the Half Ass Reviews division of THE IPC.

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  1. What a titillating post Eric. I thought Melancholia was a well done movie and Dunst was exceptional. I still have yet to see Magnolia, though the ensemble cast and sense of scope sounds very interesting.

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  2. jmount43

    I haven’t seen Melancholia but I have seen Magnolia and I loved it, I’ve watched it at least once a year ever since its initial release. Such a great movie.

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  3. I’ve only watched one Von Trier movie… Antichrist. I swore on everything that meant anything to me that I would NEVER watch another. That movie was the biggest piece of garbage that I’ve ever seen, and that’s really saying something. I did go to your review and you did make it seem half decent but there’s no way in hell that I will watch it. Sorry, if it seems like I’m being unreasonable but Antichrist was just so bad. Words can’t even describe how much I hated that movie. Also, in regards to Melancholia, I think Kirtsten Dunst has a weird, squashed face. It bugs me.

    I liked Magnolia.

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  4. I really enjoy the rhyming couplet of Melancholia and Magnolia! Nice work Ericsies, I haven’t seen either of these and I really should have already, but the fact that Magnolia is like five hundred hours long keeps putting me off. I’ll watch it one day!


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  5. I passed on Melancholia because Dunst has sucked pretty hard the last few years and I can’t say I enjoy Von Trier any more than her. I saw Magnolia once and I think I fell asleep and had no inkling to go back and see it again.

    I do like the thumbnail though. 🙂

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  6. Jay

    I love Magnolia. Love love. So quirky. Actually, I hated it the first time I watched it. Carried a grudge for years. Then rewatched it when I started to fall for PTA and spent a while beating myself for not seeing its brilliance.

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    • theipc

      It’s good! Please don’t harm yourself!


      On the other hand, I harm myself often during some of the movies I watch out here….


  7. HAHAH!! MY pond? That’s splashing Kate Winslet there, my darling friend… :-)))))) Loved Melancholia, especially Kirsten’s Rotten depressed attitude. Magnolia is o.k., but WAYYYYY to long as you said. Half Ass Reviews kick ass!!!!!!

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  8. Eric! I have to tell you I HATED both of these, but especially Melancholia. Although it looked beautiful I just couldn’t stand the characters. I was actually crossing my fingers for a planet to colide with Earth for real just to put me out of my misery. I suppose I could’ve turned it off, but I always try to stay around until the end. Great stuff, though. Love me a half ass review.

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  9. I’ve never seen either of these, Probemeister! I’ve been curious about Melancholia though. Think I’d like it or think it was super duper weird? Also, I’m beginning to think you know longer find the boob gifs/pics–I think they find you…


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