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Guy Ritchie can sure make a good movie. When you think of his movies (except for that Castaway thing I’ve never seen) you can just imagine a whiteboard with fifty different sticky notes on it and dozens of arrows connecting them with everything coming together at some point. Normally I can “get” his movies but, in this one, everyone had such thick dialects, I barely knew what was going on half of the time. It’s well made, but  it was confusing to me. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – if you decide to watch this, I put together this handy guide that may or may not be helpful to you. You can click it to make it larger.



And, because she’s in this:



  1. Not a bad movie, but not Guy’s best. It missed the edge that both ‘Snatch’ and ‘Lock, Stock’ had (both great films!!) But the fantastic cast (another Tom Wilkinson movie!!) does help carry it through and it’s still a fun movie.

    Haha at the Castaway thing!! Nope, never seen that either!!!!!

    Been ages Pen!! O _ o o _O

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      • NEVER!!! Never say such things!!!!

        I’m sorry Pen. We had another bank holiday Monday in the UK – 3 day weekend and I’ve been doing absolutely fuck all since Friday evening basically! I haven’t even watched a film 😦

        Just been….meh! If you know what I mean. Festering….hiding……you know! The usual! #seanpertwee #anfernee

        PEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Pen! I hope you are well?? O _ o o _ O ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ #pens
        Love Clam! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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      • theipc

        I never really thought that! *HUG HUG* I had a three day weekend too and I didn’t do jack shit. I think I only got online for about five minutes! Are you fully rested??

        LOVE Pen!!!


        P.S. #boobrain


  2. Never did see this one. Lock Stock is the best. Thandie Newton is way too skinny. I remember when she was on ER for a while and I couldn’t stand having to watch her skinny toothpick legs. Not that I watched ER. Okay, maybe I did.

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  3. It really annoyed me that Gemma Arteron was hardly in this. She has like three lines or something. I actually think I might prefer this to his other gangster films. It looks like he knows what he is doing now, while ‘Lock, Stock’ was a little experimental.

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  4. Dearest ei,
    I assume I’ve seen this one, at least I feel like I must have even though I don’t have the slightest clue what it’s about. I think that’s a bad sign.
    Your friend,

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  5. I have not seen this movie, but now that I’ve seen your diagram, I understand everything. I feel like I’ve watched it already. 😉 Really though, I do need to see this. Especially if Tom Hardy plays a man called “Handsome Bob.”


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