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fury3Here we go! I’m going to try and put a piece together about this thing…. I normally don’t write about the mainstream things I see out there because – what can I say that hasn’t already been said by people who do much better at this than I do? When this thing first came out and people flocked to their phones and tablets to put something out about it, the very overwhelming response was incredibly positive and the only thing I can really do here is add to that and say “This movie is fucking incredible and I loved every second of it!!! Go see it in the theater and don’t delay!!!!” I can subsequently add that “Eating your breakfast jello with a fork is challenging and not very fun.” Go see this, believe the hype, it’s BALLS OUT AWESOME!FURYROAD3Nice codpiece.

Here’s some history behind this thing and I. I’ve told you out here, before, that I spent a lot of time in California back in my youth and in the summer of 1985 my friend Jasod Schnitzenheimer (name changed to protect the innocent) came out to visit me for a few weeks. We were still young then so we didn’t have much to do so we went and saw Beyond Thunderdome in the theater 20 times – and that’s no lie. We had the entire thing memorized and would walk around Southern California quoting it every day. As human nature goes, we both grew older after that and kind of parted ways; I started hanging out with the underage beer drinkers and he went more of the Way of Academia  but we always remained friends, even if we weren’t super close any longer. Anyway, we’ve waited for this movie for THIRTY FUCKING YEARS and it finally came out and did it come up short like Scrotey’s tiny Pee Pee?FURYROAD4The answer to that is NO – IT ROCKED MY LAME, OLD ASS! I couldn’t even believe how much I liked it and I HAVE to see it again in the theater. You know – the day I am writing this I read a blurb at the beginning of some blog that this person didn’t like it. “No plot” the individual wrote “No story. Made for 8 year old kids.” WHAT THE SHIT? Why’d you go see it? Here’s the plot: it’s a two hour car chase through the desert featuring thousands of explosions and real people doing real stunts. What were you looking for, some sort of bullshit Woody Allen film? O _ o  That’s worse than two years ago when people went to see GRAVITY and complained about the DIALOGUE. Who went to see the big space disaster movie and gave a fuck about the fucking script???? Fury Road:FURYROAD5

Now we have some internet rumors that a sequel is already in the works called either Mad Max: Furiosa or Mad Max: Wasteland and I’ll look forward to it as much as I have this one. Miller’s got to be in his seventies by now so he better hustle and not take three decades to get it out. Fury Road is the absolute tits and I can’t wait to buy the goddamned thing and watch it all the time. Best action movie I’ve seen in years!


    • theipc

      Thank you Anna Banana!!!! I’m still pissed at that individual for seeing this without you………….



    • theipc

      I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of you going to see it for the first time!!!!! You HAVE to let me know what you think!!


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    • theipc

      I’m telling you what… I hate to add to hype but this was just fucking amazing! I forgot to mention – there is some story to it – like – when Nux is trying to help and he says “go tie this chain around that thing” – which is a tree and he doesn’t know what a “tree” is from living in a cave his whole life – there’s substance here too but – YES!!!

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  1. Skeletor

    OMG. FUCK YES is right!!!! I’ve already seen it twice and plan on seeing it 60 more times before it leaves theaters. Are you kidding me??? Tom Hardy as Mad Max?????? Have I died and gone to heaven???? I think I only jizzed 37x the first watch. The second, I just left my hand permanently down my pants. Miller is the only director that could make grandmas cool. Fucking grandmas. My favorite character was Coma the Doof Warrior. Him strumming a flame throwing not guitar was real. The guitar was real. The flame thrower was real. This whole movie rocked my face off, and it’s the best movie I’ve ever seen in my life. Nothing will be better ever again.

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    • theipc

      FUCK YEAH, SKELETOR!!!!! This movie rocked my lame ass!! I TOTALLY LOVED the ass-kicking grandmas! I hardly expected those characters to be so bad ass!!! What a GREAT movie!!!!

      *high fives and butt slaps*

      Are you ready for some more Game of Thrones beer??


  2. I saw this on Monday and I’ve pretty much being screaming at people in ALL CAPS!!! ever since


    All Hail Furiosa: Never change your blog’s header image.

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  3. I was telling someone about this film last weekend and found myself saying “I’m so jealous of you, I wish I had one of those MIB memory eraser things so I could erase Fury Road from my mind and see it again for the first time”.



  4. I love that one of your tags for this is “nipple rings.” Once you’ve seen that, you can’t unsee it… *shudder* Anyway, great review, Giantess!!! I love reading all these passionate reviews about this movie. Totally nuts, totally fun. Also, love that Furiosa is your banner right now! 😀


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    • theipc

      Someone’s pooping!

      You know, I was thinking about this on the way home. Everything was going so good for so long and I was jizzing all over the theater aisle and then those guys started swinging from those poles and I was all “HOW THE FUCK IS THIS NOT THE BEST MOVIE EVER?????” Then I blew my load all over the right half of the theater.

      Thanks for the comment, Mister Pubes.

      P.S. Did you go see San Andreas? Guess what, Bruce was in town last night and he took us out to eat. I think he smoked 47 cigarettes and had 19 glasses of Scotch. So did I. I’ve felt like shit all day.


  6. Sounds so good and I am So GLAD it rocked your old ass. I told my coworker that I “heard” it was good, which means the bloggers liked it and he came back and said it was the worst movie ever. I felt bad for getting his hopes up, but oh well. I am sure it was good. I mean that guy hasn’t seen a movie in the theater since the 90s! lol


  7. Chris brandt

    I think I’m just gonna stay in my air conditioned house which just got fixed and watch the Pirates game. What’s wrong with the Brewers, sheesh.

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  8. Fuck yeah! Finally got around to seeing this yesterday (goodness knows I have been desperate to since it came out – pesky exams) and it was balls to the wall crazy and fun and fucking awesome! So much wicked stuff going on and I am so glad being excited for this paid off. Totally looking forward to any more, though I see there is a sequel confirmed, currently titled Wasteland. EEEEEEK!

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